Kidfresh: All-Natural, Kid-Friendly Frozen Meals With Hidden Veggies

Ideally, we would have time (and the energy) to prepare freshly cooked meals together as a family. We would then enjoy said meals, filled with a healthy mix of veggies, protein, grains and dairy, sitting at the dinner table happily chatting about the day’s events – every day.

But this is not 1953. The reality is that while we do manage fresh cooked meals and eating together as a family most nights, there are nights that life is so crazy we barely have time to eat. There are also nights mom hasn’t made it to the grocery store so the cupboards are bare – it happens. (In your house too, right?)

Even with all of the chaos, there are some things I refuse to sacrifice like fresh ingredients and lots of veggies. We do not to overly-processed boxed meals in our house, which does not leave a lot of kid-friendly flavors. So my go-to meal is frozen chicken nuggets and frozen veggies.

I am happy to report, I have found a new option to add to my repertoire – Kidfresh frozen meals. These frozen meals are different, they are tastes kids love made with no artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives and as an added bonus the meals include all of the goodness of hidden veggies. Nice!

KidFresh Frozen Kids Meals Hidden Veggies

I am lucky that my daughter is a veggie fan, but for moms who struggle to get their kids to eat veggies carrots hidden in Mac & Cheese or Quesidillas is pure genius.

KidFresh Muy Cheesy Quesadilla

Kidfresh meals are still relativity new, so not all stores are carrying the product – yet. So I had a little trouble finding the frozen meals at first. Luckily, I was able to find them at a different Publix, but I highly recommend checking the map on to see where the products are sold and calling your local store to confirm before making a special trip. (I speak from experience.) If you do have trouble, contact Kidfresh on Twitter and let them know. Check out my entire shopping trip in my Google + story.

KidFresh Frozen Kid Meal Coupon

Another tip, be sure to visit the Kidfresh Facebook page to print out a $1 off coupon before you go too.

KidFresh Printable Coupon

Kidfresh is available in six flavor options Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese, Spaghetti Loops Bolognese, Muy Cheesy Quesadillas, Easy Cheesy Ravioli, Rainbow Rice + Chicken and Totally Twisted Pasta + Meatballs. My store carried four of the six. Since I printed three coupons, I let K pick out three to try. (I would have really liked for her to try the Rainbow Rice + Chicken, but my store didn’t carry that flavor.)

KidFresh Frozen Kids Meals

The opportunity to try the first flavor came on taco night at our house, when my husband got a little heavy handed with the taco seasoning. Our taco-loving four year old complained from the first bite that it was too spicy. Since there was a backup in the freezer, we moved on to plan B – Muy Cheesy Quesadillas.

When K first selected this flavor in the store, I have to admit I was a little disappointed.  After all, quesadillas only take a second to make from scratch – it didn’t really seem that much better. But when I thought about it, I considered how many times she has requested quesadillas only for us to be out of cheese. Plus I never add in carrots!

The real test, how did they taste? Muy yummy! (Even my husband and I thought so.)

KidFresh Kids Meal

Plus the box comes with two individually-wrapped quesadillas in it, and my daughter never eats more than one so the box is really two meals in one for her.

I am really happy to have Kidfresh meals in my freezer as a backup. She still won’t eat them often, but knowing there is an acceptable alternative for those days when cooking is out makes me a happy mom. And since she likes they way they taste, she’s a happy girl too. That makes for a happy meal time.

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