Wordless Wednesday ~ Photography By A 4 Year Old

I never know what I am going to get when I hand over my camera to my four year old. It’s no wonder that she always wants to try her hand at photography, she’s had a camera in her face since birth. (Hi, I am Jen and I have a problem with taking too many pictures.) But I have to say I was impressed with her… um … skills when I looked through the pictures she took at SeaWorld’s dolphin exhibit this weekend. No joke she took 50 pictures! Not all were winners, but  some were rather good. (Remember, she is four and these are moving targets!)

SeaWorld Dolphin Underwater

SeaWorld Dolphin Underwater

My favorite – a self portrait

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  1. We’ve been doing this with our four kids for a couple of years now. To eliminate fights over sharing and to protect our “good” camera, we bought them all an inexpensive (but real, not a toy) digital cameras. They are color coded with neck straps so everyone knows who’s is who’s and we hand them out at the beginning of all major trips and outings. We love seeing our vacations from their perspectives. Our three-year-old (now 5) inexplicably does a whole series of pics each trip of the floors every where we go. We love them so much that each child gets their own two-page spread of pictures they took in the family’s photo album for the trip (we create a Mixbook or Picaboo photo book of every vacation and put them in the kid’s library so they can relive the trip whenever they want).


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