Free Captain America Game for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch ($2.99 Value)

Disney Interactive is offering another of their popular iOS games for FREE right now. Head over here and you can download Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty for FREE (normally $2.99) for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Play as the first avenger, Captain America, and stop the Red Skull from tipping the balance of power.

As World War 2 rages, Red Skull is leading HYDRA as they build super weapons that will turn the tide of the war. Meanwhile, Falsworth, Dum Dum Dugan and Bucky have been captured. Go behind enemy lines to rescue them and put an end to the sinister plot. Use your unbreakable shield to battle, block, and maneuver your way through dangers to save the world. Bring the action of the movies, in great HD graphics, to your iPhone 4, iPod touch and iPad.

Head over here for the freebie.

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