I Am Going To Hollywood With Disney!

For a gal who would realistically live at Disney if she could, an invitation from Disney to travel across country to LA for a Disney red carpet premier is priceless. A second invitation to do it all over again a year later is like a fantasy. And yet, it happened! I greeted Disney’s invitation to attend the red carpet premiere of Frankenweenie with a loud squeal of delight. Upon calling husband, and shrieking in his ear, he assured me we’d figure out all of the details and make it work.

Walt Disney PIctures

Then reality set in – my parents are also traveling to LA that week for work, and I already have plans for that weekend to attend my BFF’s baby shower in South Florida. Could I really make a cross-country trip work?

Yes! When an opportunity like this presents itself, the answer is always YES!

So I am headed to Hollywood September 25. My mother-in-law has graciously accepted the challenge of watching both girls, and my friends have stepped up and offered to shuttle my oldest to-and-fro from school and ballet. As for the baby shower, I am still going. (A friend can’t miss her BFF’s shower for her first baby!) I should arrive in on the red-eye Saturday morning with enough time to hop in the car, pick up the family and drive the three hours to the baby shower.

I can do this. Right?


Oh and one more challenge. I am still a nursing mom. I have managed two trips this year already pumping on the go, so I have no hesitation that I can handle that. But toting breast milk on a cross-country flight, well that’s a whole other story. Wish me luck 🙂

So what will I be doing in LA exactly?

I will join 24 bloggers (and the best PR rep ever!) in attending a press day at Walt Disney Animation Studios for WRECK-IT RALPH and the animated short PAPERMAN (both opening in theaters 11/2), get a sneak peek of Disney/Pixar’s MONSTERS, INC. 3D (opening in theaters 12/19) and attend the red carpet premiere for FRANKENWEENIE (opening in theaters 10/5)!

Disney Frankenweenie Tim Burton

Can you say wow!

A red carpet premier and a visit the Walt Disney Animation Studios. I am giddy with excitement!!!

Of course, there will be tons of pictures to share along the way. Since I am totally obsessed with Instagram, I hope you will follow me on Instagram to see what I am up to. If you are on Twitter, you can also find updates from all of the bloggers with the hashtag #DisneyMoviesEvent. And I promise to update my Facebook page too.

  • FRANKENWEENIE opens in theaters October 5
  • WRECK-IT RALPH (and “Paperman”) opens in theaters November 2
  • MONSTERS, INC. 3D opens in theaters December 19

Disney Wreck-It Ralph

Disclosure -Disney has invited me on this special media event and is providing my travel and accommodation, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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