10 Household Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

When you are trying to save money, there are a lot of things a family can do to cut costs. However, it is the everyday necessities that really add up if you don’t watch prices. We all know that just because something is on sale, does not make it the best deal (or even a good deal). The key to saving money is to know the perfect price point. When you see a sale that puts household items in your price point, stock up. Otherwise, keep walking.

What does that mean? That means for household items your family uses regularly, you should always do a little math. Get used to calculating the usage price (price divided by items) and you will learn quickly learn your threshold for stocking up.

10 Household Items You Should Never Pay Full Price For

Here are 10 Household Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For:

  1. Toothpaste – If you pay more than $1 per tube, you are paying too much (and I usually pay less). No really. For my last two purchases, I paid sales tax only. (For example: price $3.99 – $1 off coupon = $2.99 + tax out of pocket, then I received a register reward for $3 to use on my next shopping trip.) Favorite place to buy – CVS and Walgreens.
  2. Toothbrushes – Never pay more than $.25. Like the toothbrush scenario above, you can regularly combine sales, coupons and reward dollars to get free toothbrushes. My threshold is $.25. Favorite place to buy CVS and Walgreens.
  3. Sunscreen – There’s no need to pay more than $4 per bottle or can. You will find the best deals at the start of summer, so stock up on enough sunscreen to last until next year. I purchased 6 cans this year for $2.99 each, normally $9.99 each. Favorite place to buy – Amazon, Target, CVS and Walgreens.
  4. Toilet Paper –  Whether you buy regular rolls, double rolls or mega rolls, the key to calculating price is to calculate the regular roll comparison (4 MEGA rolls equals 96 regular rolls). My stock up price is $.25 per roll or less, and that’s for the two-ply good stuff! Favorite place to buy – Amazon, Target, CVS and Walgreens.
  5. Paper Towels – There is only one brand that will do in my house (Bounty Select a Size), but I still refuse to pay full price. I stock up on my brand of choice whenever I see a good deal. I might have 2-20 rolls in my garage at one time. Find the lowest price point for your brand of choice, and you will never pay more. Favorite place to buy – Target.
  6. Crayons / Glue Sticks – During the back-to-school rush deals on crayons and glue sticks abound. While a pack might cost a couple dollars normally $.25 for a box of 24 crayons and $.10 each for glue sticks is a common sight come August. Favorite place to buy – Staples, Target and Office Depot.
  7. Pain Relievers – They key to pain relievers is to never buy them when you (or the kids) are in pain – when you (or the kids) are in pain you will pay any price. While price varies based on the brand of choice, I regularly save 75% on pain relievers making sure my medicine cabinet is fully stocked. Favorite place to buy – CVS and Walgreens.
  8. Clean Dishes  For liquid dish soap (for hand washing dishes), my price point is no more than $1, but I regularly pay closer to $.50. Favorite place to buy CVS or Walgreens. For the dishwasher I use Cascade Action Pacs and my stock up price is $.16 per load. Favorite place to buy – Amazon.
  9. Hand Soap – Stop buying new pump bottles of soap every time you need a refill. You’ll save money and waste less trash by buying refill bottles. Since refills last a long time, you can really stock up and save. My last purchase BOGO $7.99 bottles with 2 $1 coupons = $5.99 for two giant refills to last the year! Favorite place to buy – CVS and Walgreens.
  10. Landry Detergent – This is another one where options abound. Feel free to buy your brand of choice (I use Tide and Method) just get used to calculating the per load price. Since I do a lot of laundry, my price point ranges a bit. But the bottom line is — stock up when the price is right. Favorite place to buy – Amazon or Target.

You can’t eliminate the need for these household items, but you can cut the cost. Buy saving on these things you use everyday, you will free up some wiggle room in your budget for other things you need or want. And always, always, always look for a coupon first. Happy saving!

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