Skype Keeps Us Connected On The Go

When you think of Skype, you probably think about Skype-to-Skype video chats made from computers. That is what the Internet phone service is known for, of course. But while video chats via computer have made this company a household name, its services provide users with even more options. Some services I didn’t even know existed.

We began using Skype regularly when my daughter was a toddler so she could see daddy during the day at work. It was especially useful in helping us deal with swim lessons. Since we live in Florida learning to swim at a young age is vital for safety reasons and a right of passage for fun reasons. But our K is a very cautious girl, and she doesn’t like putting her face in the water. So every summer swim lessons are a…errr… challenge. Of course, by the end of the season she’s back to swimming like a fish.

Anyway, this year video chatting with daddy was a bit trickier. At his new job he really couldn’t Skype from his computer. But I needed the support! Enter mobile Skyping. Did you know you can download the free Skype app to your smartphone? Way cool. Cell to cell or computer to cell we Skyped dad to tell him all about how far she progressed at swim. And I have secret plans to Skype daddy in via cell to her last day of swim to see for himself just how far our little fish has come. How cool is that!

Video Chat with Skype

Another tool I recently discovered is the ability to group chat via Skype. Ever wonder how the hosts behind Twitter parties stay organized and connected? I am sure there are many ways to do it, but Skype group chat is a great way for bloggers to discus what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s like a blogger’s secret weapon.

There are oh-so-many features Skype offers including

  • Video Conference Chats
  • Instant Messaging
  • Text Messaging
  • Connect via Facebook
  • Screen Sharing
  • Online Phone Number
  • Unlimited Calling Plans
  • And More!

Of course, not all of Skype’s services are free. (A business has to make a profit after all.) But even the paid services are reasonable. For example, families that have forgone traditional land-lines can get the freedom of an additional online number via Skype with the ability to call land-lines as well as Skype to Skype calls. Pay as you go with Skype Credits for the ultimate in flexibility or choose a monthly service plan starting at just $9.99 for U.S. call or $13.99 for international calls. Oh how technology has changed things, I spent hundreds of dollars on phone calls back to the U.S. while studying abroad in college!

Speaking of how technology has changed things. Check out this infographic talking about how moms use technology to connect. (BTW – you can count me in on every one of the stats in this graphic!)

Skype Moms & Technology Ingographic

Think outside the tether of your computer’s power cord and learn more about the ways you can connect with Skype on the go. Video chatting on go, free text messaging and more make Skype a cool mom tool for mobile use too.

Disclosure – I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Skype. I received Skype credits to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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