I See Me Personalized Birthday Board Book Gift Idea

With my first daughter, everything was shiny and new. Clothes, toys, books — the house quickly filled with new stuff. Things are much different with baby number two. The house is already overflowing with toys, since mommy very carefully saved every toy and clothing item to pass down (yeay for a second girl). So it is hard to come up with unique ideas for baby girl that are special and we don’t already have.

So the question is, “What to buy for baby’s first birthday?

I know she won’t remember it, but I will. It can’t be all hand-me-downs, so it is my mission to come up with a few new things to throw into the mix.

When I saw it, I had to have it. The perfect first birthday gift – a personalized birthday board book.

Personalized First Second Birthday Book

Plus it is from my favorite company for personalized books, I See Me!, so I knew the quality would be top-notch. Unlike the other books we own from I See Me, The Super Incredible Big Sister and A Christmas Bear For Me, My Very Happy Birthday is a board book. So it is the perfect gift for little hands. The colorful pages and simple story make it a wonderful gift for babies and toddlers. Plus, I envision my little girl reading it to her own little girl some day.

Of course, what I love most about I See Me books is the personalization. Not just worked into the text of the book, your kiddo’s name is worked into the art work as well. It really makes the book special and beautiful. Just look at how my little girl’s name is worked into the story.

I See Me Personalized First Birthday Book Gift

The birthday book can be personalized with a specific birthday age, as you can see I personalized my cover for baby girl’s first birthday, or it can be left generic. The personalization allows you to make the book for any age, however, since it is a simple board book I think the book is probably best for ages one – three.

Obviously I selected the pink “girl” version, but there is also a blue “boy” version of this book available as well. Shipping time on personalized books is two weeks, so be sure to plan ahead.

The Very Happy Birthday book is available from I See Me for $29.95.

Disclosure – Product was provided to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

52 thoughts on “I See Me Personalized Birthday Board Book Gift Idea”

  1. I got a Minnie Mouse one when I turned 5 and loved it! I would absolutely love to win for my daughter’s first birthday. She’s a book worm in training!

  2. I’d personalize the book for my daughter.
    My son is older and we got so many beautiful personalized items for him when he was born. My daughter being second, you get many fewer books and she has nothing with her name on it. I’d love to win this and ‘make it up’ to her!

  3. I would like this gift for the special birthday of my unborn daughter. I am due in October & this would be great for her very first birthday!


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