Listen To Your Sister ~ Bug Spray Works!

The moral of this story is that when you are spending time outside and someone offers you bug spray, use it.

Let me set the mood… Over the Memorial Day weekend we had a family BBQ at the beach. After cleaning up from a fun day at the beach (baby girl’s first time!), we were ready to relax. In addition to the usual suspects, my parents, my sister and her fiancé, and my sister’s future in-laws joined us for the evening. We enjoyed appetizers and cocktails on the porch followed by dinner inside (it was just too hot). Since the house faces the Gulf of Mexico, we headed back out onto the patio for after-dinner drinks to take in a beautiful Florida sunset.

Although I pointed out the stash of Cutter bug spray ready to defend against any pesky bites, thus far I was the only one to spray down myself and my daughter. It basically sat, lonely, in the corner.

Cutter Bug Spray

The sun set, not the prettiest of sunsets unfortunately, and we continued to hang out on the porch enjoying the view, the company and some music.

Florida Sunset

When I returned from putting my daughters to bed, my sister was complaining about the bugs and threatening to go sit inside. In a matter of minutes she had welts all over her back and arms. Suddenly my renewed suggestion of the bug spray sounded like a good idea. (I had to get this moment on camera. Do you see the welt on the back of her arm?)

After considering her options (Cutter Dry and Cutter Natural), she choose non-aerosolized Cutter Natural. About this time, my husband (also stubborn) admitted some bites and also opted for the spray. I also quickly lit my Cutter CitroGaurd Citronella candle that I nearly forgot about. A few minutes later, my sister announced that she was no longer being bitten. What’s more, she says the bug spray helped the itchies. I don’t know about that, as that is not one of the documented uses for the spray. I think it might have been a mental thing, but hey, it made her happy.

Not only did my sister and husband stop getting bitten, but they both remained on the porch with the family for the rest of the evening. The party was a smashing success, and once the guests applied their bug spray, it was also bug free.

So next time someone offers you bug spray, go for it!

Disclosure – This post is part of a series of posts brought to you by Cutter, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Listen To Your Sister ~ Bug Spray Works!”

    • Hehehe – I think we look a lot a like too, but sometimes we get people who think we look nothing a like. I think it is the red vs blonde. But when you get us both talking, the gestures come out and there is no doubt we are sisters 🙂

  1. I’m going to a family outdoor get together Saturday evening. As much as I’m excited about seeing cousins I haven’t seen in a while, I am super dreading bugs. They will leave everyone alone and gnaw me to pieces. I’m going to buy one product this week to hopefully help. Which of these did you like best and recommend most?

    • We all liked the Natural one best. The Cutter Dry was nice too, but my family doesn’t really like the aresol kind so we preferred the pump action. That’s the one we will buy again. I also love the Citronella candle! Pretty, smells good and works!

  2. That’s great to know! I love spending time outside on a cool summer night, but sometimes the bugs are overwhelming!

  3. I didn’t realize they had a natural one. I’m definitely going to pick that one up. The mosquitos are in full force from all the rain we have been receiving.


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