Don’t Invite Bugs To Your Memorial Day BBQ!

Memorial Day may not be the biggest holiday in terms of celebrations (I think most people would probably miss it entirely if it weren’t for the day off work), but this year we’ve been looking forward to the holiday weekend for months. Not only will we kick off summer with our first trip to the beach for the season, it will be baby Syd’s very first trip to the beach. Squee!

My parent’s place (on Florida’s west coast) has been under construction since early fall, after a broken water line left the house soggy and the walls and floors ruined. So while Eater is normally our first trip to the beach, our annual Easter trip was cancelled. We were all sad to miss our favorite tradition, K most of all, but Mimi promised a big celebration to christen the newly renovated house for Memorial Day weekend. That party is almost upon us.

The best part about a beach weekend is that the party last all weekend long. And that means lots of time sitting on the back porch watching the sunset. Sitting on the porch is beautiful, but it can also be buggy. It’s Florida, so there are mosquitoes (of course), but even more prevalent are the biting gnats. I itch just thinking about those little buggers. This year, I am bringing back up. I am bringing a suite of Cutter products to ward off bug bites.


Am I the only one who loves the smell of a citronella candle? I really do. But Cutter Citro Gaurd isn’t just a scented candle, it is actually made with citronella oils to repel bugs! This candle burns for 40+ hours – that’s a LOT of summer parties! (Oh, and I want to add that I was able to peel off that ugly label cleanly, which left behind a pretty candle holder that totally disguises its buggy purpose.)

I can’t wait to try the new Cutter Dry. Not only is it not supposed to be greasy, it is unscented. A huge plus for a gal (like me) who HATES the smell of traditional bug sprays. But I think I am most excited about Cutter Natural. This DEET-free repellent is made with geranium oil, and I can’t wait to see if it works as well as the traditional stuff. I am so careful about exposing my girls to chemicals, and while bugs can carry awful diseases the spray is so icky. Cutter even makes a Natural fogger and spray, if the repellent works I will definitely try these next.

If you are planning a Memorial Day shin-dig that is in need of some bug protect, here’s a printable $1.00 off one Cutter Product coupon.

One last party preparation before heading to the beach this weekend… What’s a party without decorations?!

Going with the red, white and blue theme K and I made rockets that will be perfect for our Memorial Day beach weekend and when we go back for the 4th of July!

Disclosure – This post is part of a series of posts brought to you by Cutter, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I miss Florida! I also lived on the west coast, but you are right the nosiums(sp) are horrible. You must have something on or those little buggers will eat you alive!


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