Yogurt + Popsicle = Creamy Summer Treat

Popsicles are the perfect summer treat to help beat the heat, and since we have plenty of heat here in Florida I am pleased to announce that this summer I will be serving as a Popsicle Ambassador. What does that mean for you, it means great information about new Popsicle products and, of course, some fabulous giveaways.

In time for some summer fun, Popsicle recently launched the Yosicle — that combines a Popsicle® pop and yogurt! Of course when mom is a Popsicle Ambassador, that means her daughter gets to taste test Yosicles, and K and her friends were more than happy to oblige.

Don’t you know it, out of the blue we had an unseasonable cold snap. We haven’t worn long sleeves in months, suddenly here they are again. But even with chill (we Floridians wear long sleeves in the 70s thank you), it still a picture perfect day for lunch on the porch and a Popsicle taste test.

As you can see, the verdict on the Yosicle™ Torpedo!™ was delivered with a big smile. The Torpedo combines three flavors in one, with layers of Purple Berry, Watermelon and Vanilla. In typical K style, her favorite part was the purple part. Even without telling the kiddos that these pops were a bit different, they noticed the yogurty goodness remarking that these Popsicles were “creamy.”

Yosicles come in three varieties – Torpedo, Layerz and Duos and each low-fat pop contains 10% nonfat yogurt and is an excellent source of calcium per two-pop serving. They will be available nationwide next month for $3.99 per box (there are 12 in a box). With hot summer months just around the corner, I know my family will be enjoying Popsicles poolside soon.

Popsicle’s Facebook page is offering a $.50 coupon to help you save when you treat your kids to Yosicles this summer. After you print out your coupon, enter the sweepstakes to win Popsicles for life! (Wow, I wonder how many Popsicles that is!)

Yosicle Popsicle

Disclosure – As a Yo! Mom blog ambassador, I have received product on behalf of Popsicle. All opinions are my 100% mine.

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