The Droid Life – Pros vs Cons

As my time with my Droid RAZR and Droid XYBOARD comes to an end (I’ll soon be sharing my adventures with a new Verizon Wireless product), I find myself on the best mobile device test yet. Sitting on a bus on my way to zip from the trees at Florida’s Eco Safaris, I am blogging, tweeting, Facebooking and Instagraming my way through a four-day blogging adventure. Yeay for mobile social media.

There’s nothing like siting at home in the comfort of my home blogging in my own space, but sometimes I gotta get out or risk cabin fever. Armed with my personal fleet of Droid devices, the RAZR and Xyboard, I am ready to roll. But like the calories that come with chocolate, even my mobile suit has its pros and cons. Whether you are looking to blog on the fly or just connected to the digital world for work or fun here is what you need to know.


  • Lighting speed. 4G LTE is super fast! Surf the web and send emails in a flash.
  • Instagram is now on Android! I am in love!
  • Sleek and compact. I can slip my RAZR into my pocket without bulk and my XYBOARD into my purse and still have room for all my other junk.
  • Made for travel. With Gorilla Glass and a Kevlar body, these devices are hardcore strong.
  • Touch and feel. These devices feel nice in your hands. The RAZR is big enough for a good grip and the XYBOARD is small enough for one-handed reading.
  • The cool factor. Face it, I look cool and perhaps important (at least in my mind) tapping away on my fancy mobile devices.


  • Battery life. Plain and simple smart phones eat batteries. The number one accessory I would invest in is a car charger – one for each.
  • Tap typing. Touch screen typing is ok for quick emails, but it takes getting used to for full posts (like this one). If you have the luxury of a tabletop, an external keyboard might be you best friend.
  • Operating-system woes. Honeycomb has its flaws. (See my full XYBORD review for more info.)
  • Coverage. Like all networks, your speed is only as good as signal coverage. On the go, I have had great success. At home, my ‘hood has terrible signal.

There’s a lot to love about going mobile with DROID, all the acess I need to work on the fly mkes trvaeling easier and more productive. But most impotantly, I can check in with my family and recieve pictures like this when I am feeling a little homesick.

Piano Baby

Just be sure to pack your chargers. Off to power up now so I work and play more later.

Verizon Wireless Ambassador

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