Flowers Just Because….

With Easter coming up, and Mother’s Day close behind, ads are popping up everywhere for spring time flowers. It seems like everywhere I turn there are beautiful pictures of elaborate displays. I am often wowed by just how many ways flowers can be arranged. But while I understand the need for seasonal advertising, I’ve never been one to want flowers for a holiday.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a gal who enjoys a pretty bouquet , but are flowers more fun when the arrive just because? I mean, yes they are a nice holiday touch for centerpieces, but as a gift? I’d rather get them on a random Tuesday or as a surprise when I am having a bad day (as my hubby has so wonderfully become good at).

Perhaps it is my inner frugality fighting seasonal prices, but I also just think flowers mean something more when they are not forced. (Ironic, perhaps, from the mom who likes to go all out for holiday/birthday gifts. But I spend all year buying things, so I don’t get stuck buying gifts for the sake of gifts.)

Although I don’t do a lot of flower giving these days, although I used to be in charge of sending floral arrangements for my company back in the day, I do like the simplicity of ordering online. Although it is fun to go to a store and look at flowers in person, it is hard to pass up convenience of ordering flowers online.

What do you think? Do you hope for flowers on special occasions? Or if you could choose, would you want them just because?

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