Serving Up A Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowl Review

In our house, we are breakfast people. That’s not to say I get up every morning and make the whole family eggs and bacon (they wish). But we do eat breakfast (of some sort) every morning. Weekdays breakfast typically consists of cereal because let’s face it, it’s easy. Tyson recently launched a new breakfast product meant to be easy, quick and tasty — the Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowl.

Although Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls will soon be available at Sam’s Clubs everywhere, they are limitedly available now. Since there weren’t any at my local Sam’s Club, it was decided that they would ship me a box to try. Did I mention, the breakfast bowls come frozen. Sure enough, Tyson shipped frozen breakfast bowls.


My delivery guy knows me pretty well by now, but I think even he was surprised by the giant styrofoam cooler! LOL.

I opened the cooler to find that there was indeed still dry ice inside and everything was nice and cold. If I thought the giant cooler was funny before I opened it (with all its traveling stickers), I laughed even harder to see that there was only one box of Tyson Breakfast Bowls inside! I put the box of Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls straight into the freezer and meant to come back to get a picture of the ice, but by the time I returned (several hours later) it was gone.

Tyson Breakfast bowls

Check out the paperwork included in the cooler, it was all enclosed in plastic. (Guess I shouldn’t keep dry ice next to my bed! LOL)

Dry Ice

All jokes about the packaging aside, we were excited to try the new Tyson product. After all, we are already a fan of the chicken.

Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls are available in two varieties – bacon and sausage. Luckily, we were sent the bacon variety to try (I am not a huge sausage person). The Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls are quick to prep, just 50 seconds in the microwave and you have bacon egg and cheese goodness in a bread bowl. (One odd thing… the box says 50 seconds, but the packaging on the individual wrapped pairs says 55 seconds.)

Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowl

So, how do they taste. Yum. I have to say I was impressed. They have a LOT of bacon inside. You don’t really taste the eggs, just bacon and cheese. The insides reminded us of a pierogi, just encased in bread instead of dumpling. Definitely an easy and quick breakfast that is tasty too!

Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowl

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