Track Chores, Activities And Allowance With Doughmain

Keeping our families organized is a full-time job. We moms (and dads too) spend most of our waking hours trying to keep up with everything school, work, play it’s a lot to keep track of. Since most families are already connected to the digital world 24/7 via computers and smartphones, the people at Doughmain came up with the idea to replace the old paper system with a digital record tracking system for the whole family.

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Doughmain offers three family organizer tools:

  • A digital calendar – The customizable calendar offers a color-coding system, permissions for who can create or edit events and can be accessed online or via your smartphone.
  • A chore chart – Allows families to assign and manage chores,¬†assign Dough Points (virtual currency) to certain chores and is manageable via smartphone.
  • An allowance tracker – Helps kids track their allowance earnings and/or their Dough Points. Parents can use the tracker to help teach kids about finances and create a rewards system for kids to use their Dough Points to “shop” for privileges.

In addition to helping keep your family organized, Doughmain offers a digital financial responsibility game for three different age levels to help teach kids smart money sense. The Fun Vault is designed to teach little ones (ages 5+) the basics of money recognizing currency and understanding value. Sand Dollar City takes money skills a little further teaching kids ages 8-12 about earning, spending, saving, budgeting and more. Finally, I Rule Money is designed to teach teenagers money management in the form of 60-second videos about real-world scenarios such as cars, jobs, taxes, debt and more.

Signup for a free account at¬†and use the reference code “dough” to be entered to win a $500 Visa gift card.

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