Organize Your Ideas with Clipix

Ever find yourself surfing the net, finding all kinds of great ideas only to forget where you saw those ideas? If you are like me, you are likely nodding in agreement. A new website is offering the solution to loosing your great ideas, keeping you organized and sharing or keeping those ideas to yourself. Clipix is the newest social bookmarking site, and it is designed to help you stay organized (or get organized).

One of the things I like best about Clipix is the ability to keep your “clips” private. Sure, sharing ideas with your friends (and the world) is great. But let’s say you are planning a party, do you really want all of your pals to see all of the ideas you are gathering to make your bash amazing before the big day? Instead of spilling the beans, you can make your board private while you gather intell. After the party you can make the board public and share all of your amazing finds.

Of course, I am happy to spill the beans on some DIY projects that I recently clipped.


What kinds of things can you clip? Anything your heart desires – vacation ideas, favorite blogs (hint, hint), gift ideas, recipes, etc. Anything you love online. Best of all, you can use Clipix to find even more things you love.

Clipping is as easy as adding a button to your toolbar so that you can clip from anywhere. You can also search through other people’s clips and reclip their best ideas too. Check out this video to learn more about using Clipix.


When you sign up for Clipix, be sure to follow me so we can share ideas!

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