FREE Mickey Mouse Pin From Disney Movie Rewards

My love of all things Disney extends to its Disney Movie Rewards program. In fact, I often share the free promotional codes and update about the latest offerings in the rewards catalog, which is why I was thrilled when DMR reached out to me to offer my readers a special, unique code to receive a free Mickey Mouse Pin! (Aren’t you glad you read The Suburban Mom?!?!)

Mickey Mouse Pin

For those who are still not familiar with Disney Movie Rewards, the program rewards you for buying Disney movies, music and theater tickets (to Disney movies, of course). Inside Disney DVDs and Blu-Rays you will find a DMR code, for each code you enter into your account you are awarded points that can be redeemed for cool Disney stuff. Yep, free stuff from Disney – a rare offering indeed. To redeem points from CDs, you actually insert the CD into your computer and follow the prompts to automatically load points into your account. And if you catch the latest Disney movies in the theater, simply submit a photo of your ticket to be rewarded points for seeing the movie.

When I first joined the program, many years ago, the rewards options were limited, but today the rewards catalog is constantly being updated with great prizes. I have gotten everything from free movies to a scooter, plush toys to music, even a Disney gift card. If you love Disney, you need to sign up for DMR. Once you do, you will even find kid’s activities you can download for 0 points. Plus…

Enter the special code SUBURBAN to get a free Mickey Mouse Pin (just pay $0.99 shipping).

UPDATE *** It seems this code is only good for new members. (Sorry!) If you don’t already have an account, snag a pin and start earning points!

Disney Movie Rewards

Disclosure – I received DMR points for my time and consideration in sharing this deal, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “FREE Mickey Mouse Pin From Disney Movie Rewards”

    • Did you get the Mickey pin at Christmas? The same pin was offered during the Christmas promo, if you got one then you can’t get another now.

  1. It gave me the message that is it ONLY for Newly registered members boo I have been with DMR a while and missed out on it during christmas and wouldn’t mid paying shipping to get a pin to give to my sister who collects pins. THANKS ANYWAY

    • I am sorry Abby – I actually did get an email from my rep telling me it was for new people only AFTER I posted it. I meant to go back and amend, but I forgot. I will do so now. Sorry to get your hopes up!


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