Good Morning America Secret Deals and Steals January 19, 2012

Good Morning America is back with another installment of their Secret Deals and Steals for January 19, 2012. Today’s deals feature exclusive ‘GMA’ Deals on Hot Items for Tweens and Teens.

First, the fine print:

1. Use the promo codes and links provided below only on the dates listed to receive the savings.

2. All deals available only while supplies last. No back orders or rain checks unless specified by the retailer.

3. Exclusive deals are applicable only to the items specified below. The savings are not applicable to other items on each site.

4. Deals cannot be combined with other coupons and offers.

5. Contact retailers directly for any questions about products, pricing and delivery before ordering onMline.

6. You might experience temporary technical issues because of the high volume of traffic. Thanks for your patience.

WallPops: Wall Art

Original: $15 – $34

GMA Excusive Deal: $7.50 – $17

50% savings on Mix and Match Dots, Blox and Stripes, Wall Art Kits and Dry-Erase Art

Valid: 1/19/12 using promo code GMA

When the mood strikes, redecorate in minutes without busting the bank or making a mess. Wall décor is peel-and-stick, repositionable and totally removable. It’s a fun, easy and affordable way to transform any room in an instant. Choose from over 500 items on the entire website. Shipping is $5.

Apparel Dynasty: Scented Jewelry & Scented Shoelaces

Original: $5 – $13.50

GMA Exclusive Deal: $2.50 – $6.25

50% savings on scented jewelry and shoelaces

Valid: 1/19/12 using promo code GMA

Who doesn’t smile from the wholesome fun of a scratch and sniff? Tweens and teens love the adorable artwork on these yummy scratch and sniff pieces — shoelaces (used as bracelets, necklaces and bookmarks too) necklaces, rings, earrings and hair bands. Every piece is scented, including grape, strawberry, ice cream, bubble gum, chocolate and many more. Wear them anywhere you want to add some sweetness! Shipping is $1.99.

Yubz: Yubz Retro Handset Phone

Original: $50

GMA Exclusive Deal: $25

50% savings on a handset phone

Valid: 1/19/12 using promo code GMA50

Yubz handsets, which claim to reduce radioactivity caused by cell phones, create a safer, more convenient way to talk. Equipped with a hang up and pick up button, added volume control and background voice cancellation, the standard 3.5mm headphone jack plugs directly into 90 percent of smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry, most droids) with additional adaptors sold separately to cover compatibility with the other 10 percent. The deal includes handset in green, blue, pink and purple. Shipping is $12.

dci: Earbuds, Speakers and More

Original: $9 – $30

GMA Exclusive Deal: $4.50 – $15

50% savings on a selection of products for teens and tweens

Valid: 1/19/12 using promo code GMA

Choose from a selection of cute earbuds, robot and lollipop speakers, a “puggy bank,” and more. dci’s design approach marries fashion and function with innovation. Shipping averages $5 – $10 depending on order size and location. The Teen Vogue Handbook

List Price: $25

Current Price on B&N: $15

GMA Exclusive Deal: $7.50

70% savings on The Teen Vogue Handbook

Valid: 1/19/12 (no promo code needed when you use this exclusive link)

The definitive fashion career handbook for teens from Teen Vogue. It is 288 pages of photos, insights and advice for teens. Book includes a voucher for a free year-long subscription to Teen Vogue magazine. Shipping is $3.99 and free for orders over $25.

Deborah Lippmann: Nail Lacquer

Original: $18 – $20

GMA Exclusive Deal: $9 – $10

50% savings on 3 glitter nail lacquers

Valid: 1/19/12 using promo code GMA

A Teen Vogue favorite, Deborah Lippmann went from waitress to launching her own nail collection, which is worn everyday by major stars. The long-wearing, quick-drying, highly pigmented nail lacquers are free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalates, and are made with the finest ingredients, offering more than just gorgeous color, but also treatment benefits. There is a slightly thicker consistency and brush bristles that are more densely packed, nail color glides on evenly and effortlessly for a truly professional finish. Shipping is $8.50, and free shipping applies to orders over $50.

Celly Smellys: Scented Electronic Wipes

Original: $30 – $240

GMA Exclusive Deal: $13 – $99

60% savings on yummy smelling cell phone wipes

Valid: 1/19/12 thru 1/22/12 using promo code gma

Research shows that cell phones and electronics harbor more infection causing germs and bacteria than commonly found in a public restroom or the bottom of your shoe. Celly Smellys are LCD-screen safe, non-scratch, lint-free polishing and disinfecting cloths that both refresh and sanitize your iGadgets with three fun flavors: Smelly Berry, Smelly Melon and Smelly Colada. Celly Smellys are Made in the USA, and were created by a Physical Therapist to be functional and fun for teens and tweens! The zipper lock prevents drying out and they’re not over saturated, so they won’t damage your cell phone or gadgets. Free shipping!

Fit to Flick: Knit Ponytail Hats

Original: $30 – $35

GMA Exclusive Deal: $15 – $17.50

50% savings on pony tail hats

Valid: 1/19/12 using promo code GMA

Fit to Flick is the perfect accessory for the cold winter ahead. It’s a line of ponytail hats designed to accommodate your ponytail or bun through a slit in the back. The hand-knit and wicking fabric ponytail hats for women and children are designed to look great with or without your ponytail. The slit at the back of the hat allows for significant ponytail height variation and becomes invisible on the days the wearer would like to keep her hair down. The 50% discount applies to the entire website. Free shipping!

Jennifer Behr: Headbands

Original: $65 – $162

GMA Exclusive Deal: $26 – $64

60% savings on popular headbands worn by celebrities

Valid: 1/19/12 (no promo code needed when you use this exclusive link)

Jennifer Behr’s hair accessories are loved by women of all ages and are often seen on your favorite celebrities. The Leather Dinosaur Studded Headband was recently seen on actresses Hilary Duff and Evan Rachel Wood. The Thin Leather Headwrap was worn recently by Charlize Theron and Olivia Wilde. All Jennifer Behr pieces are handmade in New York City of the finest materials. Shipping is $6.95.

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  1. I placed an order for one of the deals that appeared earlier this month. It was a necklace that had the word believe on it. I ordered the 55% off necklace and did not receive the discount. The full price is on my credit card and I have not received the necklace yet. I have written to the customer service and sent them my order info and still nothing. Can you help me with this problem?

    • Sorry Connie – I am not affiliated with GMA or the Secret Deals and Steals, I just rebroadcast the information for my readers. So I have no way to reach out to the company other than to tell you to contact customer support. Good luck.

  2. wanting to order the lollipop speaker but i am unable to find???? Can you email me back so i can view and order with gma discount thanks. since i cant find it can you extend the discount pricing until i view my email with your response. thanks


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