Mix Colors In The Laundry With Shout Color Catcher With Oxi ~ Giveaway

It was the night before, the night before Christmas and mama decided that she needed to do one last load of laundry. I had a number of odds and ends pieces that needed to be washed, a full load worth but whites, darks and reds… Normally, that would mean three separate loads, but it was almost Christmas and I was in hurry. The perfect time to test out Shout Color Catcher with Oxi.

So, with some trepidation everything went in the washer with a Shout Color Catcher with Oxi sheet.

When the cycle ended, I was happy to find that everything in the load was the same color it was when it when in. I had successfully (gasp) mixed colors in the wash. Baby clothes, a red/pink blanket, khaki pants, jeans, burp cloths, t-shirts and more… It all went in, and it all came out clean. I was pleased.

I had been most worried about the reds going in, but my color catcher revealed that it was one of the darks that ran a bit. (If you look closely at the picture, you will see a little bit of blue snatched up be the color sheet.)

So here are my thoughts.

Everything is better with Oxi. My whites come out brighter and my stains disappear. So I love that they have added Oxi to the color catching sheets. It gives the color catching sheets dual purpose, which I dig. (It’s like a little satchel of Oxi, but it doesn’t all get used up. Even though it says not to, I am so considering cutting it open and using the rest to fight a future stain.)

However, while the color catching idea is great, and it worked well for this load, in general mixing colors gives me great anxiety. It makes me terribly nervous to risk ruining clothes with color run, which is impossible to reverse. Yes, in my last minute, I-have-to-get-everything-done-before-Christmas haste, it was nice to have my color catching sheet to throw in. But for everyday use, separating colors is easy and safer. (I would have been a wreck if it hadn’t worked, but it did – yeay.) For regular use, I can’t see myself deciding to mix loads willy nilly and rely on the color catcher.

It’s kind of a catch-22. If I mix loads using the sheet, and it captures color I probably would have been better to separate it. If I mix loads and no color is captured, I feel wasteful for using a sheet I didn’t need. So, when to use it? Plus there is the cost. Amazon sells the Shout Color Catcher with Oxi for $11.75 for 20, so $0.59 each (plus ship). (It is probably less in the store with a coupon, but this the price I could find easily.) That adds up quick if using regularly.

So, I think my little box will last a long while because I don’t know when I use it. Next time I in a major hurry and have to get several things washed of various colors in one load I suppose 🙂

But it did do it’s job when I used it, so if you are into mixing your loads this might be the perfect product for you.

My bottle of Shout Free, on the other hand, is still getting a work out. Having just successfully tackled ground in mud from the tush of my daughters leggings.

If you want to try Shout Color Catcher with Oxi for yourself, you can print a $1 off coupon from Shout’s Facebook page (look under offers).

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Disclosure – I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Shout and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

25 thoughts on “Mix Colors In The Laundry With Shout Color Catcher With Oxi ~ Giveaway”

  1. I separate whites, lights, darks, delicates (light from darks), towels, and sheets. But I will sometimes mix kids lights and darks together, using a Shout Color Catcher. But I would love to try the new kind with Oxi! Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I mix, unless it is a new clothing item that needs washed for the first time- then I make sure it’s in a color appropriate wash.

  3. I mostly separate into lights, darks, and jeans (we have a ton of jeans to wash every week with four kids and two adults). However, there is always some variance in color in the darks and especially the lights, so I use color catchers a lot, especially when I’m washing new clothes.

  4. I wash my son’s clothes, my husband’s work clothes (he’s an electrician, so construction site type dirt :)), and linens/towels in completely separate loads from everything else. Other than that I guess I technically do mix because I do a dark load (jeans, darks, reds) and a light load (whites, grays, khaki). I almost always use cold water though and use the Tide Coldwater detergent.

  5. I separate..whites and colors. Thankfully we use a detergent that is dye free and perfume free so I dont have to seperate out the baby’s clothes!


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