Shout Out Stains With Shout Free ~ Giveaway (2 Winners)

If seems that I talk a lot about laundry, it’s because I do a lot of laundry. (Don’t we all.) And while I am one of the odd ones who enjoys doing laundry – although load after load does become tiresome some days – the key to a successful laundry cycle is your tools. Stains happen. Whether they are the obvious lunch stains or the mystery black stain that seemed to appear out of nowhere, we all get stains. (And usually on our favorite clothes.) Since throwing our stained garments out is not a reasonable option, we fight back.

With a new baby in the house stains seem to appear in triplicate these days – on baby, on mom and on whatever I use to try to wipe up the mess. Because of a family history of sensitive skin, I always use dye-free detergents. But to really get out tough stains, there are few options for stain fighters that are both safe for sensitive baby skin and tough on stains. So I found myself using regular stain fighters on my baby’s sensitive clothing. Not any more… I have discovered Shout Free!

Shout Free features

  • Dye Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • 99% Natural Ingredients
  • Convenient trigger dispenser
  • Safe for all colorfast washables
  • Works in all water temperatures

I first discovered Shout as a stain stick when I went off to camp in college, and it has been my go-to pre-treater ever since. So I was excited to get the power of Shout without all of the other stuff. In my unofficial testing, Shout Free worked great as a pre-treatment to every day stains. I have no idea what this mystery stain on my khaki pants was, but I sprayed it down with Shout Free before washing normally and the before and after pictures speak for themselves:

(Note: I promise those are the same pants, I took the first picture in my laundry room under terrible light in a hurry and the second picture with good light. But the point is that mysterious weird stain – gone!)

I also tried Shout Free on a stain from a fruit juice bar (blueberry), unfortunately I didn’t have any luck with the fruit stain. (Realistically, this isn’t the type of stain I would normally use regular Shout on, so I really wasn’t surprised.) Where Shout excels is on run-of-the-mill stains where Shout Free works like a charm.

Bye-bye regular Shout, Shout Free is my new go-to pre-treater. Since Shout Free seems to work just as well as my old Shout, I don’t ever see myself going back. Why would I? I don’t have to worry about washing clothing treated with Shout Free separate from my baby’s duds because it free of all of the extras I want to protect her skin from. Even as she grows, it still seems better to avoid any unnecessary fragrances and dyes. Now I can.

If you want Shout it out with Shout Free, you’ll find a coupon for $1 off on the Shout Facebook page.

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Disclosure – I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Shout and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

32 thoughts on “Shout Out Stains With Shout Free ~ Giveaway (2 Winners)”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    My son, for some reason, wants to crawl around like a ‘dino’ (he says)..meanwhile he’s running his clothes!

  2. My family is my biggest challenge (LOL), I have two daughters (4 and 6) and a hubby…I do lots of laundry and deal with lots of stains!

  3. I have 3 boys so you can imagine the stains I deal with. Grass, food you name it they get them.
    Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  4. Orange baby food! ZOMG, I have twins and getting sweet potato out of their clothes? D: Blueberries too, and spaghetti sauce. Augh! Can you tell I have three small children? It’s all about the messy food stains at my house.

  5. My biggest challenge is bike grease and dirt. My kids like to work on their bicycles and they get the dirt on their pants and shirts and it is hard to keep them clean when they wipe their hands on their clothes.


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