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Several years ago, we switched from liquid dish washing detergent to the self-contained capsules with detergent and a rinse agent all in one. But a couple of months ago, from the depths of the under-the-kitchen-sink space I discovered a long abandoned full bottle of liquid detergent. Since I can’t bear to waste anything, I dredged out the bottle and to my husband’s dismay I started using it.

Every time I used it, my husband grumbled. It became a game. If I started the dishwasher, I put in the liquid. If my husband started the dishwasher, in went the all-in-one packs. The problem, according to my husband, with the liquid is two-fold. Not only does it spill out everywhere if you aren’t starting the dishwasher right then (and we are fond of the delay start), but it also left spots on glassware. Admittedly, I noticed it too. But while it didn’t really bother me on the glassware, it did bother me on the baby stuff. Somehow a baby bottle nipple and paci just don’t look clean with spots, and that just seems gross. So when Finish Jet Dry asked me to test out a bottle, I was game.

Jet Dry

I am happy to report that the grumbling about using the liquid detergent has stopped since adding the Jet Dry to the dishwasher. The glassware looks better and, more importantly, the nipples and pacis do too. The big test was the set of new plastic containers I bought my husband for Christmas. When we washed those for the first time, using the liquid detergent along with the Jet Dry they came out spot free.

My mom always used Jet Dry with her detergent, and still does, do I don’t know why I didn’t think about getting some on my own. Probably because in my mind I was just using yo what we already had on hand. In the end it seems once again, that mother really does know best because what a difference a little bottle of Jet Dry makes.

Since we are basically lazy, it is nice that you can fill up the Jet Dry and then just add detergent each time rather than having to add both for every load because let’s face it, that would never happen.

Ultimately once we use up the liquid detergent, we’ll most likely go back to the all-in-one packs for the convince factor alone. But since this bottle of Jet Dry will out last our detergent (40 washes in just one little bottle), should I come upon a really good deal on liquid detergent I will totally pick it up knowing that Jet Dry is ready to tackle the spots and my husband’s grumbling. If you use liquid detergent in your house, without a doubt you need Jet Dry – save $.50 with this printable coupon.

How would you like to out Jet Dry to the test at your house?!

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Disclosure – I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Finish and received a FinishJet-Dry product sample to facilitate my review, a sample to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. I used to use Jet Dry back in the day…truthfully I’d forgotten all about it! I use the all-in-one pacs too. We just recently switched to Finish to see if they’d work better than Cascade’s.

  2. Here is my comment–I just joined your newsletter and I went to facebook and I can not find anything about the holiday quiz. can you please tell me wherre to find out so that i can tell you my score. thanks so much!

  3. You want us to take the Chick-fil-A holiday quiz to qualify for the Finish Jet-Dry giveaway? Just double-checking. You didn’t link to it in the form or on your post, but I remember my answer from everyone else’s Chick-fil-A giveaways.

    • Yeah – I had holiday brain when I set this up. And I didn’t even read all of the other comments asking about the quiz. Not to worry, all comments will count as it was my mistake.

  4. I’m not much into making resolutions for the new year as they don’t stick for me, but I would like to walk more for exercise.


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