Amazon Price Check App – Save 5% on Electronics, Toys, DVDs and More December 10th

Amazon will be offering a special 5% discount (up to $5 on three items) tomorrow December 10th on select items in electronics, toys, sports, music and DVDs just for checking a price. You’ll need to download the FREE app for your iPhone or Android phone to take advantage of the deal.

Here’s how it will work.

Price Check In-store Deals
During the promotional period (see below), we are offering through the Price Check by Amazon application (“Price Check”) a discount based off the Amazon Price as an introduction to sharing in-store advertised prices with us. In-store price submission and location confirmation are optional.

To Receive Your Discount
  • Use the Price Check App with the location services enabled on your mobile device. See below for information on enabling your mobile device’s location services.
  • While you are out shopping, you may optionally provide the Price Check App the in-store advertised price of a qualifying product in the eligible product categories (Electronics, Toys, Sports, Music, and DVDs).
  • Place a qualifying product into the shopping cart within the Price Check App.
  • Within twenty-four (24) hours of placing a qualifying product in your Price Check App shopping cart, complete your purchase from any Amazon channel (Price Check App, Amazon website, or other Amazon apps). If you do not make your purchase within this time period, the discount will expire.
  • Your discount of 5% off Amazon’s Price (up to a maximum of $5.00*), will be automatically applied at checkout within the Price Check App.

*Discounted price will not result in a price less than zero. 

If you have questions about qualifying for Price Check In-store Deals, call Customer Service at (800) 383-7068.

For more info, head over here.

2 thoughts on “Amazon Price Check App – Save 5% on Electronics, Toys, DVDs and More December 10th”

  1. I’m all about saving money but I don’t like the meaning behind this discount. AMAZON wants to put a crimp in Small Business Saturday. They want you to shop at a small business and then Amazon will give you the item 5% cheaper. So then you don’t support the small business, you support the mega-empire Amazon (who doesn’t really need your money).

    • Hi Christie, I understand your point to a degree, but I also disagree. Small Business Saturday was an event on Nov 26, which I personally supported. While the sentiment should be ongoing to support small businesses, it is not a weekly event. I also don’t believe this promotion is necessarily targeting small businesses. Yes, it can be used at small business that sells similar items (and it is a ballsy promo), but I believe it is more targeting the big boys like Target & Walmart that keep trying to one-up each other. (That’s where I used the promo today, at Walmart.) Unfortunately, it is a tough go for small businesses as they can’t compete with the big markets to offer the discounts, but that is the world we live in. I don’t really think Amazon is out to get the small business owner, nor this promo to quash the Small Business Saturday movement, it is just another holiday promo war, LOL. But yes, we should continue to support small businesses.


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