Every night for the past couple of weeks, I go to bed thinking, “Tonight could be the night.” After two very close calls, you’d think this baby would have come already… But baby S is still happy just kicking me all day long reminding me that my days as a mother of one are soon to be over. With six days left until she is officially due, she has already stayed put longer than her big sis. On one hand, the waiting and not knowing is making me a bit batty (I keep cleaning up this house for the big arrival only to have it trashed the next day), and yet it is one of the few true surprises in life so I guess we are on baby S’s timetable here.

Until then, I just keep reminding myself she will be here soon…

Baby Belly

2 thoughts on “Waiting…”

  1. I can remember feeling that in my last days with all four of my pregnancy. What a blessing they are. She will be here before you know and you will think that went by way to fast. Congrats and I can’t wait to see all her beautiful pics with her older sister! 🙂


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