Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Mom Tips

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween PartyThe Mouse’s annual Halloween Party is back and just as spooktacular as ever! Last year was our first time in attendance at Mickey’s Not So Scary, and I knew that even at 9 months pregnant there was no way I would miss it this year. It is THAT fun! In fact, my husband tells everyone he meets that if you only go to Disney once a year, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is the time to go!

If you have never been to the happiest place on earth for the happiest Halloween party in town, here are a few things you need to know.

  1. Admission to the party is not included with a regular pass, it is a separate ticketed event. You can get AAA discounted tickets. (Yes, they really do kick everyone without a special ticket/wristband out!)
  2. It isn’t every night, just select nights in August, September and October. Check out the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2018 dates.
  3. The party runs from 7 pm – 12 am. Yes, a late night, and your little ones are sure to turn into pumpkins on the ride home, but it is totally worth it. Tip, you can get into the park as early as 4 pm. 
  4. CANDY, CANDY, CANDY! Trick or Treat stations are located throughout the park, and the candy handed is “the good stuff.”
  5. Yes, your kids should dress in costume. (You should too, if you are so inclined.)

Mickey's Not So Scary

If your costumed kiddos are as into having their photos taken with characters as mine, this is the night to do it. Since admission is limited, forget the hour plus wait, you can meet the characters quickly. Plus, they bring out all the best characters for the party – even ones you don’t normally see in the parks. Here’s a little insider’s tip as to who you can see (and where) at the party. (FYI – the map handed out will show you where characters will appear, but not who will appear there. So, you can thank me later for highlighting your kiddo’s faves so you aren’t looking all over the park!) Characters are officially out and about until 11:30 pm, but we saw Donald and Daisy at 11:45 and the Mad Hatter a few minutes after that.

Character meet and greets change every year, be sure to check the current map for the most recent information. But you can expect to see lots of special characters. 

  • Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore &  Piglet – all together. (Hint, no autographs here.)
  • Mickey and Minnie (dressed in costume) – Town Square Theater, Main Street.
  • Disney Princesses and Princes –  Town Square Theater, Main Street. (Tangled fans, this is your chance to meet Rapunzel & Flynn without an hour+ wait! Also on hand are Cinderella with Prince Charming and Snow White and her prince.)
  • Duffy the Disney Bear (in costume) – Tour Guide Gardens, Main Street. (Don’t know Duffy? He is Mickey’s special bear that Minnie made him. We have a Duffy, so K was very excited to meet him, but many kids still don’t know Duffy so there is almost always zero wait to see Duffy!)
  • Disney Villains – Castle Hub. Featuring: Lady Tremaine, Anastasia and Drizella (the wicked stepsisters), Lotso, Jafar and Gaston. (Note, these are rare appearances!)
  • Captain Hook, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, Frollo, Cruella de Vil, Snow Queen (aka Evil Queen from Snow White) and Queen of Hearts – Mix and Mingle show. (The  performers are available for photos ops, but no autographs, following showtimes throughout the night.)
  • Buzz Lightyear – Galaxy Gate, Tomorrowland.
  • Aurora and Prince Phillip – Fairytale Gardens, Fantasyland.
  • Alice / the Mad Hatter – Mad Tea Party, Fantasyland. (Rotating characters, so you might see one or the other.)
  • Donald and Daisy – Fantasyland, across from Pooh’s ride (this is not on the map, but that’s where we saw them!)
  • The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White – Splash Mountain Exit, Frontierland. (This is the ONLY time to see all 7 together!!!)
  • Captain Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Carribean, Adventureland.
  • Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie and Abu – Magic Carpets, Adventureland.
  • TinkerBell and a Fairy friend – Adventureland Veranda, Adventureland.
  • Timon / Rafiki – Across from the Swiss Family Treehouse (which is currently closed), Adventureland. (Rotating characters, so you might see one or the other.)
  • Tarzan, Jane and Terk – Veranda Porch, Adventureland.
  • Tiana and Naveen – Enchanted Glade, Liberty Square. (Here’s your chance to meet Tiana.)


The Suburban Mom’s Tips for Partying with Little Ones:

  1. They will give you treat bags, but they get heavy! Bring a bigger tote to dump your trick or treater’s loot into. (Bonus, hang tote from stroller so no one has to carry it!)
  2. Eat before you arrive – too much to do, too little time. 🙂 And try to eat something with substance to fight the sugar high! (Bring bottled water too – it is expensive in the park.)
  3. The “Boo to You” parade is fantastic! But skip the first parade at 8:15, most people rush to see the first one so viewing space is tough. The second parade is exactly the same at 10:30, and there are less people trying to see it.
  4. The special fireworks display “Happy HalloWishes” is best seen from in front of the castle (anywhere on Mainstreet or slightly to the left or right). Plan your evening to be in this area at 9:30 for the show.
  5. Dress the kids in costume or they (you) will be sad. Seriously!
  6. Get there at 7 (or before) – lots to do!
  7. Plan your evening, but don’t be surprised if you stay till the end. Two years in a row we planned to leave when we were tired, but they had to kick us out we were having so much fun! (Bribe the kids to take a nap before you go, if you have to!)

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is the best party in town, don’t miss it!!!

(Check out all of K’s candy!)

Candy Haul from Mickey's Not So Scary

Disclosure – I was provided media passes to attend the event, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. My husband and I took our son last year and it was SOOOOOOO much fun! We are going back again this year and looking forward to it very much! If you love halloween and you love disney it is a must do! And definitely dress up! There were incredible costumes everywhere! 🙂

  2. We went last year and they let us in at 4:30. They do not publish that on their website, but there were tons of people getting in and wrist bands at 4:30pm. Not sure if it’s the same this year or not.


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