Brother P-Touch Extreme Test Challenge Review

I was recently selected to be part of a review campaign for the Brother P-Touch labeler. Those who know me know that I need all the help I can to get organized, so I am up to the challenge! The first part of this three-part series is to test the labels’ toughness. To test the labels, I was sent an extreme testing kit that included nail polish remover, a scrubber sponge, a scrubber, Clorox 2 Bleach and a piece of plexiglass to adhere the labels to.

Brother P-Touch Test Kit

With my Extreme Test Kit in hand, I was ready to test this label. Although I was fairly certian the label would pass the tests indicated, I am also fairly certain my old labeler labels would not in as much as they didn’t withstand normal use let alone extreme conditions. Of course, this is Bother’s point.

Test #1 – the nail polish remover. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed the label with the nail polish remover pad and included scrubbers. The label stayed put, but I ended up with headache from the fumes!

Brother P-Touch Test Challenge

Test #2 – Since one of the important features of a label is that it stays put when you want it to, but it can be removed when needed I decided I needed to test the removability of the label. So using my finger nail, I picked at one corner of the label until it loosened up. From there I was able to pull the label up smoothly – no tearing and with very little residue left behind. Since I also tend to put things on crooked the first time, I decided to see if the label could be re-stuck. This was the part that amazed me, I pressed the label back into place and it was as secure as it was to begin with! (In fact, I did test 3 after test 2, and the label showed no signs of being mostly removed.)

(Note, check out the close up picture. Notice that while I haven’t scratched up the label one bit, I have scratched up the plexiglass with my testing.)

Brother P-Touch Test Challenge

Test #3 – The kit provided me Clorox 2 Bleach, but since that is safe enough for colored clothes (and I was already pretty certain the label would pass the test), I decided to kick up the test a notch. Instead of color-safe bleach, I put the plexiglass in a plastic dish and covered it with straight-up liquid bleach. Then, to really find out what this label was made of, I let it sit for 48 hours. And the result – nada. No change in the color, texture or adhesion of the label. (Remember, I peeled up this label and re-stuck it earlier and it is still like new.) I am impressed.

Brother P-Touch Label

Test #4 – Since I wanted to make sure I didn’t get bleach everywhere, I decided to run the plexiglass with label through the dishwasher – just for kicks. Still no change! (Mom mind thinks this would be a great way to label tupperware that I take to parties!)

So the label held up to all of the challenges I was sent, plus a couple more that I threw in and still looks good as new. The next step is to get labeling my house! My posting assignment is the bedroom/playroom, while I am not sure yet what I will be labeling in these rooms I can’t wait to get started. More to come on that soon.

The Brother P-Touch Labler is available on Amazon for $33.29.

Disclosure – I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Brother P-Touch and received a product and gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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