Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier Review

I don’t really know why I didn’t have a wrap with K. Seems like something I should have gotten, but I don’t think I really knew about them until she was bigger. At any rate, with a busy three year old on my hands I KNEW I had to have a wrap with baby #2 — after all, I need my hands.

So, I have no experience with a wrap of any kind, and right out of the box I have to tell you I was completely overwhelmed. There is a LOT of fabric! But I have to compliment the little booklet that comes with the Sleepy Wrap. After taking a deep breath and reading the booklet, I was able to attempt the “basic tie.” Not too bad first time out, considering my 7 month belly (doh, this thing was designed to be worn post baby not pre!). No really, it actually wasn’t too bad to tie, once I practiced a couple of times. (Oh and after reviewing the booklet like 10 times, I discovered the “how-to” videos on the Sleepy Wrap site. I recommend starting there, then keeping the booklet as a reference.)

Of course, the next step was to use one of K’s baby dolls to substitute for the real thing… It doesn’t really work like that. Part of the magic of the Sleepy Wrap is its stretchy material that stretches around the weight of your baby, and I can totally see how it is going to work. To really put this thing to the test, I decided I must enlist my husband and daughter’s assistance.

Oh yes, I decided to see how well this thing really worked I would need to strap my 34-pound, three-year-old daughter to my hubby. (Aren’t they so good to me to be willing participants?!!?) I decided it would be easier for me to wrap my husband than to teach him how for this test run. The first attempt wasn’t perfect, I think K’s wiggly leg went in the wrong hole. But the second attempt was pretty darn great. Look how cute they look.

I asked my husband how secure she felt, and other than her bouncing up and down he said she felt very secure. Now, I have no intention of wearing my big girl, but it was a great test. (The website says there is no age limit, and it has be tested up to 45 pounds. There is even picture of a woman carrying a five year old, her daughter must be less wiggly than my mine.) If this thing can hold K, the new baby will be secure.

The original Sleepy Wrap comes in nine color choices, and the organic version comes in three others. My only complaint about my Sleepy Wrap is probably that the dark green makes me think I am strapping up for battle… I think beige, brown or one of the organics would have been better for me. But in reality, that’s not much of a complaint – just a preference.

Since the baby is due in October, I expect to get a LOT of use out of the Sleepy Wrap. Although I imagine wearing it in the summer might be very hot, I will be curious to see how that goes next summer.

The Sleepy Wrap is available on Amazon for $45 (with free shipping).

Disclosure – I received a Sleepy Wrap to facilitate this review and one is being provided for the winner, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

15 thoughts on “Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier Review”

  1. I never used any type of wrap with my son. The way they looked made me nervous because it looked like the baby could be smothered too easily. This one looks WAY better than any I have ever seen before. I will have to try it out with the second one!

  2. This looks like a great wrap! I’ve seen some that weren’t made with stretchy fabric and those would worry me. Your husband gets brownie points for modeling for you. 🙂

    • It is actually a stretchy fabric too, but it is a thick stretch fabric and it feels VERY secure. Isn’t he great for being my model 🙂

  3. I have never tried a wrap with either of my sons, but this makes me want to get one especially since I have a 1 year old and a 5 year old.

  4. I’m looking for a wrap too, but that looks complicated! Was it hard to learn how to wrap? I’m looking at the Sleepy Wrap and the Moby.

  5. I bought a SleepyWrap when my son was two weeks old because I wanted an inexpensive baby carrier that could be used with a newborn. I had a KarmaBaby sling, and a Snugli that he was too small for, and I hoped that the SleepyWrap would work. I found all that fabric overwhelming at first too. But after figuring out how to tie it I put him in it as per the instructions for a newborn. When awake he didn’t like it much. I tried again when he was asleep and he liked it better. But you are correct, it is VERY warm and I find I can’t wear it outside with him in it for long as both of us overheat. I’m hoping this fall to try it again and have it work out better!

  6. I definitely want to get a wrap, but I agree with the posters that this looks a little complicated! Still, I do appreciate that the price is reasonable, and your adorable daughter looks secure.


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