Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair Secret Sale

I love these Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chairs, and we have several in our house. K often drags her small one from room-to-room as she plays. Pottery Barn Kids seems to be having a secret sale on many colors and styles, and you’ll need to use these specific links, otherwise they’ll show at regular price. Prices do not include tax or shipping, but you’ll also save on the $10 shipping surcharge these typically have. You can even get free embroidered personalization too.

My First Anywhere Chairs (smallest size)

  • Light Pink – $54 (normally $79 + $10 shipping surcharge)
  • Denim – $54 (normally $79 + $10 shipping surcharge)
Anywhere Chairs
  • Bright Pink – Regular $69, Oversized $89 (normally $99 -$129 + $10 shipping surcharge)
  • Light Pink with Bright Pink Piping – Regular $69 (normally $99 + $10 shipping surcharge)
  • Navy with Stone Piping – Regular $69, Oversized $89 (normally $99 -$129 + $10 shipping surcharge)
  • Red – Oversized $89 (normally $129 + $10 shipping surcharge)
  • Denim – Regular $69, Oversized $89 (normally $99 -$129 + $10 shipping surcharge)
  • Grass Green – Oversized $89 (normally $99 -$129 + $10 shipping surcharge)
  • Red with Navy Piping – Regular $69 (normally $99 + $10 shipping surcharge)

27 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair Secret Sale”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this secret sale link! Do you know how long the sale is on for? I can’t decide between the “my first” anywhere chair or the anywhere (regular) chair for my 14 month old girl (who is the size of most 2+ year-olds)…Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

    • I don’t know how long the sale is going on. If your daughter is already that big, I would say go with the bigger size. We have both. We got the first one when my daughter was born, and it was great when she was tiny. We got the bigger one when she turned 3. My mom has had the bigger one for her since day one, and she loved it just as much. So, I’d say go ahead and get the bigger one – it will last longer. (My daughter happily drags the big one around, but it is also big enough for me to sit in.)

    • I fit in my daughter’s regular-sized one, perhaps not the most comfortable seat for a full-grown adult, but I fit (my husband kind of does too, and he will sit there with my daughter). If I were buying for a 6 year old, I would definitely buy the oversized one, and I think he will get several good years out of it. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. I just bought the red oversized chair and it still worked. $110 total for shipping. The red with navy piping did not work. They navy with piping still worked too. Thank you!!!

  3. I had been unsuccessfully trying to drop hints to grandparents to buy this chair for our coming baby but finally gave up & decided to just suck it up and buy it myself. Thanks to this link, I just bought the regular size navy with stone piping regular for $88 shipped. Woohoo!! Thanks!!!!

  4. Thank u!!! Just ordered the hot pink (which I’m wondering if it’s different from bright pink). I have wanted these for do long but normally the price is way above my limit. Now it will be under the christmas tree! P.s the 1st chair with this link is cheaper than going to their outlet!!! Wow 😮

  5. Thank you…it worked like a charm ordering the $69.00 child’s chair with no sur-charge for shipping. The regular shipping thru the Pottery Barn site was going to be $30.00.

  6. Thanks!! Great price!! Ive been wanting to order this for a while but surcharge+shipping to HI was killing me. Just in time for chirstmas 🙂

  7. The link does not work anymore 🙁 They even raised their prices for Christmas. I got one for my daughter using this tip back in June, the sale has been going on for a while, and now they changed the sku’s and prices. I givs they got tired of giving a great deal. Now I need two but won’t for that much! Anyone know of any other discount codes? I missed the 20 off on Black Friday. I was so sick Friday I forgot to get them!

  8. I tried the link for the anywhere chair but it’s not coming up the price like you said. Is it a different code or link now?

  9. Hi! I just found this website, I realize these links are a few years old.. any chance you have updated links on the anywhere chair?

    Thank you!

    • Unfortunately, I haven’t seen another secret sale on the Anywhere Chairs in years. They do go on sale from time to time, but not like they used to. Sorry!


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