Virtual Baby Shower – Halo Comfortluxe Sleepwear Review

Living in Florida, light-weight PJs are a must. But with a baby that doesn’t sleep with any covering (other than jammies) and three-year old who is just “learning” to stay under the covers, it’s also a catch-22. Sure, they could wear little tank tops and shorts, but we keep the house cool, and I don’t want them to get cold. To make it even more complicated, K is a sweaty sleeper. If you have a sweaty sleeper you know that sometimes PJs get all icky with sweat. Man, we moms think about a lot all at once.

Halo Comfortluxe Sleepwear is a new line of sleepwear that provides a PJ layer that is light enough for summer wear and warm enough for winter (well, Florida winter anyway). Comfortluxe PJs are made from a unique fabric (I really wish you could feel it through your computer because it is hard to describe) that has almost a waffle weave feel to it yet is super breathable and very soft. Best of all, this special fabric is especially designed to wick moisture away from the skin helping to prevent a sweaty mess and helping to reduce eczema.

ComfortLuxe has unique properties to release moisture from your little one’s skin in exchange for fresh air to help maintain a stable body temperature which in turn helps prevent the onset of triggers (usually heat and perspiration) which cause the itch/scratch cycle to begin among many children who suffer from atopic dermatitis, a common form of eczema. ComfortLuxe fabric helps to manage this trigger, control discomfort and minimize eczema flares to protect your little one’s delicate skin.

Additionally, Halo Comfortluxe jammies are made tagless, with flat interior seams and rollover cuffs (on the baby sizes) all to help reduce the itch and scratch cycle that contributes to eczema flare-ups. Made from 100% polyester, and compliant with all of the fire safety codes, they are some of the softest PJs I have felt. And they passed K’s test since they came in pink!

Halo Comfortluxe Sleepwear is available in four styles Base Layer (like a sleep sack), Coverall (the PJ’s K is holding for her baby sister), Two-Piece Silky Smooth Set (K is wearing) and the Two-Piece Flannel Set (for northern winters). All styles come in pink and blue (the base layer also comes in green). The line of PJs are available in sizes newborn – 4T. K wears at 3T/4T so I chose a 4T for her and as you can see it is just a bit baggy, which means we will get a lot of wear out of the jammies without being too big. She is hold a size 3-6 m for her baby sister.

(FYI – Base Layer makes a great lightweight layer under Halo SleepSacks.)

I have to say that what impresses me the most about the Halo Comfortluxe is the feel of the fabric. It is hard to say if it has helped with K’s eczema since she is worst in the winter, but it certainly hasn’t hurt it. But she likes the jammies, and they are very well made, so I am happy with them and definitely recommend them.

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The Halo Comfortluxe Sleepwear line is available on Amazon; $14.99 for the Base Layer, $19.99 for the Coverall and $20.99 for the Two-Piece Sets (all ship free with Amazon Mom).

I am excited that Halo Comfortluxe Sleepwear is participating in The Suburban Mom’s Virtual Baby Shower. In addition to all of the other fabulous prizes, the winner will win a prize pack that includes: Halo Comfortluxe PJs in your choice of size (N-4T) in pink or blue!

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Disclosure – I received the Halo Comfortluxe Sleepwear to facilitate this review and a Halo Comfortluxe Sleepwear is being provided for the winner, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. These look adorable and practical. We used Halo sleepsacks when our son was little – glad to see the brand makes PJs for bigger kids, too.


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