Baby #2’s Nursery

With K’s big girl room virtually complete (I just need a few finishing details, which I may never find because I am so picky), I have started the process of putting the nursery back together for baby #2. First step was to bring down the boxes and boxes of baby clothes I saved from K to start sorting though what I have.

The good news is most of K’s clothes look fantastic. The bad news is babies born in opposite seasons (one in March the second in October) means that many of the clothes I so carefully saved will be out of season when they fit baby #2. Like the adorable, handmade 1st Christmas dress. Not to mention that K didn’t wear pants (just dresses and onesies) until she was about 6 months old and baby #2 will need teeny-tiny pants for winter. So there are holes to fill in, but for the most part we are pretty set.

Now comes the great debate. Being first born, I handed down all of my clothes to my younger sister. So, I was never the recipient of hand-me-downs myself. So I don’t really know what it is like to receive hand-me-down stuff, but I fully believe in hand-me-downs and frequently shop consignment sales for others hand-me-downs. However, while baby #2 will be spoiled rotten in an overflow of hand-me-down clothes, toys, furniture, dolls and more (plus a nice sprinkling of new things, I cannot decide what to do about the crib bedding — hand me down or a fresh look?

As conservative as I am about spending money where it doesn’t need to be spent (read frugal), I kind of think the new baby deserves new bedding/decor. It won’t be a total room makeover. After all, we never even considered looking at new baby cribs, a new changing table or even a new glider (so glad it’s a girl and I can reuse my pink glider!). I am not even considering painting the room, which is a nice, neutral wheat color. But what I am considering is new bedding, which would mean a new bumper, skirt, hamper, throw pillow (for my glider) and valance. That’s it. I learned from experience the matching quilt is unnecessary – we NEVER used K’s. I can totally live without a diaper stacker. And I will totally reuse the same sheets. Oh, I would probably want to recover the cushion I made for the rocking chair that was mine as a girl too, since I made it from fabric left over from the valance… But that’s really it. I am not even planning on changing the art over the crib (see below).

I feel these few new items would bring a fresh look to the new baby’s room making it feel more like her room rather than K’s old room. But my husband (who is normally so flexible about these things) is dead-set against it. Of course when it comes to technology, my husband as all about checking out the latest and greatest nursery monitors. (And we got a brand new one that is AWESOME that I can’t wait to tell you about during my Virtual Baby Shower in August!)  But he thinks it is a waste to replace the old stuff (which I would sell to off-set the cost). After all, they were only used for a few years. To top it off, I brought up the topic with a group of friends who all agreed with my husband – I was quite surprised. They reasoned that in about thee years, I will have to totally redo the room anyway so why bother now.

What to do, what to do.

This is K’s old decor (not her room, this is a stock photo).

This is how it looked in her room (picture is from right after her first birthday). (Sorry it is’t a better picture, I can’t find the good ones.)

I really do still love it… I just think the new baby deserves something that is her own. I get sad when I go in the room now because to me it is K’s old room and that means K is growing up. So maybe Mommy needs a new look…

If I did change it, what would I choose…? I don’t know. As much as I love pink and brown, I am really into the bright colorful owl prints right now, so I would probably go with one of the many patterns I have seen with pinks, greens and other bright colors…

But first I have to decide. New bedding/decor? Or stick with what works?

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  1. There are some things that hold such strong memories that it isn’t worth “diluting” those memories for the sake of saving a few dollars. I suggest NEW bedding for baby #2 but recycle the bedding and special clothing from when K. was little. If you want I’ll be happy to help you make a large rag quilt with squares from the bedding and special onesies and dresses for K. to have when she is older (maybe she’ll even pass it down to her kids one day). Then when you’re done with the bedding from baby #2 we can do the same thing!

    • Jodi – your comment brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet and thoughtful offer… I might just take you up on your sewing skills 🙂

  2. I agree with you that the new baby should have something new in the nursery, especially since you’re keeping the furniture, etc., but I’m not sure I’d spend the money on a bumper and hamper. I didn’t use the bumper very long due to safety concerns. As for the matching hamper, if I had it to do over again, I’d get a cute one that will grow with her, rather than a matching set. Maybe consider some cute pillows for the glider and a throw. I also like the idea of making a new rocking chair pad cover. You could even add some cute decals to the walls or a stripe of contrasting paint to freshen the look.

    • Thanks April – I am making sure hubby reads these. I know she is a baby and won’t care, but I think the bottom line is that I care. 🙂

  3. I really think the new baby should have some new stuff, exactly what you’re saying. I love your idea of owl prints. They’re so cute now. You’re by going completely overboard so I don’t think you’re unreasonable. This baby is is going to have her own personality & be different from K, it’ll be nice to freshen up the room and make it “hers”.

  4. I went through this exact same dilemma with my 2nd. I had 2 boys, so I was in the same boat, and my husband was the exact same way! I felt the first set of bedding held such strong memories of Braden (my first) that I didn’t want to muddle that. Yes, they were in perfect condition, but I just couldn’t use them again. I sold them on ebay for a decent price, and ten bought some super cute pottery barn bedding off ebay again for Jackson! (my second).
    I feel like it was the beginning of making them “their own little person”- and now each bedding seems so perfectly suited to each of them. Waste of money? Maybe. Logical? Maybe not. But I wouldn’t change it! 🙂 Share any new bedding you get! I love girl things and there is a shortage of that in this house! lol 🙂

  5. When I was considering the same thing (I have two girls as well) and am the second of four girls in my own family (thus much angst about hand-me-down anything), I was extremely conscientious about how this might impact my second. In hindsigt, the baby didn’t give a hoot about the bedroom color, and she spent the first six months of her life in a bassinette next to my bed anyway! (rolling eyes and shrugging shoulders). But I found a great deal on some clearance stuff at pottery barn (and FYI, there are some ADORABLE sets on clearance this weekend), and then when my daughter outgrew it, I sold it for almost all that I paid for it on ebay. No guilt that way, and my second daughter had her own “flavor” in her own room. Worked out great! 🙂


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