K’s Room Is Coming Along

The room moving, redecorating in our house continues (although I did take a short break for a bit). K’s room is coming together nicely, and she just loves her “Big Girl Room.” Any concern that I had about her not wanting to give up her room was pointless – it didn’t faze her one bit. (I, on the other hand, get a little wistful when I go into her old room… it was her room for three years I am sad that it isn’t any more, even though it will be the baby’s soon enough.)

As happy as I am about how her room is turning out, I woke up in a panicked sweat a few nights ago when I realized (in a dream) that there is no where in her room for a bedroom desk. Obviously at three, she has no need for a desk, but when picking out furniture for her room I choose furniture to last. I have no intention of buying new furniture as she gets older, but I didn’t plan for a desk. There’s no room!

I pointed out my concern to my husband and he assured me that we can squeeze one in, and I know we can but it is going to be so crowded. I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. Computer desks are a must in every preteen/teen’s room, where else would she study? My husband also suggested a lap desk, but that doesn’t count. A girl needs a place to spread out her homework assignments and concentrate.

Yes, I know I am worried about something years away… But these are the things my preggo brain freaks out about — where to put a desk in 10 years!


5 thoughts on “K’s Room Is Coming Along”

  1. K’s room looks SOOOO cute! I love the green walls and all the big girl furniture and stylings. Yes, need to figure out a desk eventually but who knows what cool thing they’ll come out with in the next few years. ENjoy the room now (though I’m totally type A and would probably be the same! haha).
    LOVE IT!

  2. By the time she really needs a desk she can get her dirty clothes to the laundry room (so you won’t need the cute hamper) and she’ll probably have outgrown the adorable chair by the window… so you will probably have room for a little desk in her room. =)


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