A Mom Blogger’s Advice ~ Week 3

With a new baby on the way, I am planning a virtual baby shower for August complete with tons of baby gear reviews and a massive giveaway. I already have some great companies lined up, and I am working on getting more. (If you have a baby or new mom product and would like to participate, contact me.)

Leading up to the virtual shower, I thought it would be fun to recruit some of my fellow bloggers to share their best parenting advice. So every week from now till August, I will feature A Mom Blogger’s Advice. I hope you enjoy the advice as much as I do (I am printing all of the advice for my baby book).

I’d love to hear from you too. If you have parenting advice you would like to share (whether you are a blogger or not), email me. I’ll feature any advice I get so everyone can enjoy.

Advice from Stephanie at LifeinaBlueZoo.blogspot.com

Three Things You Need To Know About Becoming A Mom

1. Just about every piece of clothing you own will be permanently stained with spit up, pee, poo, or whatever you slopped on yourself while trying to eat one handed. Try covering yourself with all those receiving blankets you got at your shower, that will help some. Better yet, just invest in some cheapie clothes that you don’t care about.

2. If you have a boy cover his little wee wee with a baby wipe EVERY time you change his diaper. The ONE time you don’t will be the ONE time he pees all over you, and it will most likely be at a very inopportune time. However – if you have a particularly annoying relative, you aren’t required to share this little secret with them…

3. You will soon learn that the expression “sleep like a baby” is ridiculous. Most people use it to say they slept well. Newborns don’t sleep well. Newborns are up every couple hours to be fed and changed, not to mention that they make all sorts of snuffling grunting sounds when they are sleeping and every time they do it will wake you up! So make sure you nap during the day. Really!! If you have an older child (or two or three) let him go play with a friend or hang with some cousins for an hour so you can get some rest!

Congrats to those of you about to enter into Momhood, while being a mom is gross, exhausting and doesn’t pay a cent – It really is the best job in the whole world.

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9 thoughts on “A Mom Blogger’s Advice ~ Week 3”

  1. So very true! Having a 4yo and a 3yo, I can relate to all of that advice!

    When’s your due date? My third little bean is expected to be here August 4th.

    • I am due October 9. It is a whole new experience being pregnant and chasing my little one around at the same time! I give credit to you with 2 under your belt already!


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