Disney Movie Rewards Pluto Pillow Pet

If you’ve been saving up those Disney Movie Rewards, I have good news for you. DMR just released some HOT new rewards. Usually when Disney posts new rewards they go fast, so head over to your Disney Movie Rewards account ASAP to check out the latest and greatest. My top pick a Hug N Go Pluto (basically a Disney Pillow Pet) only 1,125 points. (Already ordered mine!) Other cool new stuff includes a Bambi lunch box (500 points) and a Mickey Scooter!

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3 thoughts on “Disney Movie Rewards Pluto Pillow Pet”

  1. Received Hug n Go Pluto today from Disney Movie Rewards. He came in a padded envelope that had been sliced down the middle. Pluto was okay, however he is soooooooo much smaller than what he looked to be on the website. He is more the size of the mini pillow pets. Still, it is Pluto, so he is adorable!

    • Glad Pluto is safe! That would have been awful! Got mine today, and I have to say I was surprised he was a mini too. But he sure is adorable, so I am happy! Now, should I hold off till Christmas to surprise my daughter, or will I break down early and give it to her? 🙂


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