Skincare… My Never Ending Battle

I remember as a teen dreaming (and firmly believing) that miraculously when I exited my teenage years my acne would miraculously clear up. People talked about acne being a teen problem, so I naturally thought it would go away. My 20s came and went, and I discovered the acne was here to stay. To make matters worse, when I ushered in my 30s a new problem began to appear. Gasp, was that a… wrinkle. No way – not fair.

But oh yes, regardless of what the advertising companies portray about acne and teens, they unfairly forget about the rest of us. The silently-suffering adults.

Ance skincare products, too drying. Anti-aging skincare products, too moisturizing. Arghh I can’t win.

Of course, I have another issue that compounds my problems – eczema that presents on my face. My super-sensitive skin has a hard time tolerating products, and I am afraid the eczema is causing more wrinkles. Nice.

My beauty lineup looks like a regular drugstore with light lotions, heavy creams, day face washes, night face washes, body lotions, hair products, eau de toilette, meds for the acne, meds for the eczema, spot correctors,  make-up galore, hand creams (did I mention dry hands & feet), etc., etc., etc. And that’s only the stuff I use, then there’s everything under the counter that either didn’t live up to it’s hype or I bought in bulk because I use it so often.

Sometimes I wonder if I will still be battling acne along side everything else in my 60s, 80s? Will it never end?

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