Odd Numbers Bother Me

Now before I go insulting the numbers 1, 3, 5, etc… I don’t mean odd numbers per say. It is really odd packaging numbers that bother me. I feel like Steve Martin’s character, George Banks,  in Father of the Bride in that infamous scene of him at the grocery store having a cow over the number of hot dogs in a package vs the number of buns. I mean really, can’t the companies get together and set an even number?

Another prime example, the vitamins I take are two a day. That’s what the bottle says, that’s what I take. So, why then do they come 75 to a bottle? Ummmm? I realize this evens out every second bottle, but at the end of each odd numbered bottle I am annoyed to be left with a single vitamin. What’s up with that. Can’t they put 74 in a bottle 0r 70? Or for that matter, wouldn’t 60 make the most sense since that would basically be a bottle a month? Why 75?

Oh and it isn’t just hot dogs and vitamins, don’t even get me started on the shampoo to conditioner ratio issue! Why is my conditioner now coming in “family” size, but I am still left with regular size shampoo. Who uses more conditioner than shampoo? My shower is full of one-quarter full conditioner bottles because I ran out of shampoo – and that’s when they are the same size.

Argghh… It’s a marketing poly. I know it, you know it, George banks knew it. But it’s annoying. Odd numbers bother me.

Brought to you by my random stream of consciousness, and a left over vitamin in my bottle this morning…

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