Amazon Prime Now Includes Free Streaming of 5,000 Movies and TV Shows

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you already know I’m a huge fan of Amazon Prime. For $79/year, you get free 2-day shipping on everything Amazon sells with no order minimum, or overnight shipping for only $3.99/item. Prime has certainly saved me a lot of time (and money) as I have found that Amazon pretty much sells everything you could need :).

Amazon is adding a new free benefit for paying Prime customers today (sorry, free Amazon Mom and Student accounts don’t apply) – Instant Videos. You can get free streaming access to over 5,000 movies and TV shows similar to Netflix’s Watch Now service. You can access the free streaming content from your computer, Roku player, or Blu-ray player and TVs that support Amazon Video on Demand.

If you want to try Amazon Prime, you can sign-up for a free 1-month trial here that gives you the free shipping and video streaming.

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