Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Masquerade w/ Mickey Mote

Hot dog! A new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode staring Minnie Mouse. What more could a two-year-old, MMCH fanatic who LOVES Minnie Mouse want? How about a new gizmo that allows her to interact with her new movie on a whole new level?!

From the moment she noticed the DVD on the counter, she couldn’t wait to watch it. So, of course, we watched it right away. Like all MMCH episodes, she loved it. I was also excited to see Minnie’s Surprise and Secret Spy Daisy on the DVD – two of her other fav episodes. We watched the DVD several times before Mommy and Daddy got around to being ready to program the gizmo – lucky for us she hadn’t noticed it yet so she was perfectly happy just to watch the “movie.”

Tonight was the night we finally got around to the Mickey Mote. Good news for moms and dads, it is super simple to set up. Although my hubby set it up, I totally could have done it it myself. She was so excited about the Mickey Mote, “It’s shaped like Mickey! And it has a square, a star, a circle and a triangle!” (Very exciting stuff!)

I was a little worried that it would be too video game and she wouldn’t be into it, but it wasn’t at all. Basically, it takes the show and inserts little questions into the show. Since she already LOVES to answer Mickey out loud when he asked questions, the transition for her was seamless. The questions were simple, with several of them asking an opnion with no right/wrong answer. The ones that did have a right/wrong answer gently promoted her if she made a mistake (which she only did once the first time through – she is so smart!), and she was able to change her answer and proceed. From a nit-picky standpoint, the inserted questions are a little awkward in the transition, but that didn’t phase her.

I am currently predicting a bit of an issue when we watch MMCH on live TV tomorrow and she wants to use her Mickey Mote! LOL.

It’s a cute new gizmo, and the first interactive DVD for toddlers starting Minnie Mouse, so it was perfect for our K. It remains to be seen how often we will use the Mickey Mote, but I think Mimi has a DVD that will work with the Mickey Mote so she might like to use it over there too.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Masquerade was released on DVD yesterday (2/8), and for a limited time you can save $5 with this coupon. It is also available on Amazon right now for just $13.99. If you have a Minnie Mouse lover in your house, this is a must have!

PS – it comes with a paper mask that she also thinks is fabulous. She wants to wear it every time she watches the DVD.

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