Valentine’s Day @ Red Envelope & $100 Giveaway

I have been a Red Envelope fan for a long time. In fact, in browsing the website I feel like my daughter when she looks at toy ads, “I have that, and that, and that…” (Of course in K’s case, she thinks she has everything with Mickey on it, even if she doesn’t.) Almost everything I have from Red Envelope was a gift from my hubby, although there are a few pieces I purchased for myself. From jewelry to home items, there are so many gift ideas from Red Envelope, it is the perfect place to shop for your significant other.

Here are a few of my favorite items that I personally own from gifts past that are still available and still used daily in my house. (In case you need any gift giving (receiving) ideas.

Of all of the jewelry I own, one of the most special necklaces I own is a locket from Red Envelope. Now, the necklace itself has been updated (it now has a pearl chain) since I received mine (in 2008), but the locket is the same. It is this cool locket that has a page to turn so it holds 4 photos, and my husband gave it to me with a picture of our daughter, himself and a pic of each of our dogs. LOVE IT!!! (It is now called Pearl Family Locket Necklace – $79.99.) Here is mine (yes, I know it needs polishing, but you get the idea):

Another beloved gift is the Sculpted Jewelry Tree ($69.99). Yes, the website image is better (and less dusty), but I wanted to show you how nice it looks in my bathroom with jewelry on it.

In addition to wonderful gifts for women, Red Envelope also carries gift ideas for men and kids. I bought my husband the Deluxe Money Tree YEARS ago, and it is still alive and kicking. He also still uses the Deluxe Valet and Cuff Link Display Case I purchased for him over the years. (See, I really wasn’t kidding, we have a lot of products from Red Envelope!)

This giveaway has ended.

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