How to Make Money Online (Part 2) Swagbucks

In part one of my How to Make Money Online tutorial, I introduced you to MyLikes. In part two, I am going to introduce you to what has possibly become my FAVORITE way to earn money online – SWAGBUCKS. Like all opportunities mentioned in this series, you can make money with Swagbucks without ever spending a dime, and while it won’t make you rich, you can earn some nice spending money.

If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you have probably seen someone, somewhere mention Swagbucks. The site continues to gain popularity because people just love getting free stuff, especially free money. (Including me!) If you haven’t yet joined, let me tell you the scoop and why you should join.

Swagbucks rewards you for searching the Internet. Basically, instead of using  your normal search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc), when you need something on the Internet you go to While it doesn’t reward every search, periodically you will be rewarded with some random number of Swagbucks that are automatically added to your account.

If you do a lot of searches on the Internet, you can expect to earn Swagbucks a few times a day. (Tip, my girlfriend says she searches in the morning, then afternoon, then night and she seems to earn searches each time.) Search rewards typically range from about 5-11 for me, although every once and a while I have scored a 25 or so and I hear others have gotten really big ones. (Every Friday is Mega-Bucks day, so some people get big points on Fridays.)

As your reward points add up, you can redeem them to prizes. While there are a variety of prize options, the best option is a $5 Amazon Gift Cards for 450 points. Now, 450 points might sound like a lot, but when you sign up you automatically get 30 points and those searches really add up.

In addition to searches, there are ways you can quickly an easily earn extra rewards every day.

  1. Daily Polls – take the daily poll for 1 point per day
  2. Trusted Surveys – you can earn points for taking surveys, but you also earn 1 point a day just for visiting the page (even if you never take a survey)
  3. Toolbar – To help remind you to use Swagbucks to search, you can download the Swagbucks tool bar for searching. (Personally, I had a lot of problems with this toolbar and my computer so I removed it, but some people like it.)
  4. Free Codes – Swagbucks also offers free codes frequently through its blog, Facebook page, Twitter and more. (Free codes range from 1 – 8 points on average, sometimes more)

But that’s not all… I swear, every time I turn around there are new ways to earn Swagbucks. There are videos and games, and you can even use it to earn points when you shop online (although there are other sites I like for this more that I will tell you about later).

For someone just starting with Swagbucks, I predict that you can easily earn 450+ points a month just doing searched, the daily poll and visiting the trusted survey site each day. (This is what I started off earning.) Since Amazon sells everything from diapers to clothes, food to toys – it’s like $5 cash. Even if you don’t shop regularly on Amazon, it’s a great way to save up for Christmas presents.

One other way you earn Swagbucks is by referring people to join and start earning on Swagbucks. So, of course, I would love for you to support me by signing up under me. But I really do highly recommend Swagbucks to everyone for the little bit of effort it takes to remember to use a different search engine, it’s so much fun to see the points add up. It really is a great (and easy) way to make money online.

Sign up and start earning today.

PS – if you have already signed up but are not yet taking advantage of Swagbucks, go there now and start earning.

Search & Win

7 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online (Part 2) Swagbucks”

  1. I have heard swag bucks mentioned but never new anything about what it really was. Thanks so much for the review and this series. I diffently will be looking into this and am waiting for the rest of this series

  2. I use Swagbucks and highly recommend them! I’m not a spokesperson or anything, haha. But it is cool to get free stuff from the Swagshop just by trading in swagpoints. You can also get swagpoints or swagbucks by doing just about anything you normally do. When I shop at Amazon or anywhere from the hundreds of places they list, I go through swagbucks and earn swagbucks for every dollar I spend. Not only that but things like free trials for memberships I was already going to sign up for earn me up to 1000 swagbucks at a time. It’s awesome 🙂

  3. Swagbucks was really cool when I first joined, I got a few referrals and got a few t-shirts, but then, out of no where, it got even cooler. Not only can you get games consoles, gift cards, but now you can make money for watching videos!

    WHAT, that’s right, I said it, MAKE MONEY FOR WATCHING VIDEOS. You can get $10 dollars in your PayPal account, that’s real money, for watching videos.

    Here’s how it works, if you earn 1,335 Swagbucks for watching videos, those Swagbucks can be cash in for 10 dollars in your PayPal account, how sweet is that, that’s candy. Now, ME, I’m super lazy, I’ll admit that, but I still got to eat, so this site was right up my alley.

    • Hi Anna – I have gotten out of the habit of making sure I search with SwagBucks, which is silly really. But when I was really good at it, I cashed out for $5 Amazon gift cards every month – the max was 3 cards a month, and I always had enough to the max and then some. I was saving my “overage” to get other things, but then I got out of the habit so I ended up using my “overage” on slim months. I really should get better about it again! But $15 a month is EASY – just for searching.


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