My Weekend? Cleaning the House…

Looking around my house right now, I can see that my weekend will be spent cleaning, again. It is a disaster. Not unsanitary, mind you. Just a mess. It’s bad… I have a problem. Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I am a piler.

Piles and piles of mess. And it makes my hubby crazy. (I know B, you married a messy gal, sorry!) I come by it honestly, mom’s a pack rat – although the neatest pack rat you have ever met, and dad’s a piler (which makes mom crazy). I got both genes, I am pack-rat (I save EVERYTHING) and a piler (everything I save is in a pile all over this house). ARGGGGGGGH.

I wish someone would invent a magic wand, nay, a magic vacuum. I want to bust out my trusty Dyson and suck up the mess… Of course, in this fantasy, my mess would then magically go into this giant organized room where I still get to save everything, but instead of piles it is organized on shelves in beautiful boxes looking like a room right out of Pottery Barn. A mom can dream….

Even my daughter has started in on mommy’s piles. She’ll walk into the room and announce, “What a mess!” God bless her, she’s taking after daddy already (I hope). In fact, one of her favorite things to do is to “mop.”

We have a nearly all tile house, except for three bedrooms, so our trusty Dyson vacuum doesn’t get the work out that it does at other houses. Instead, my daughter “mops” the house with our Swiffer. Before you go all child labor on me making my two-year-old daughter clean the house, she does this on her own. She goes into the pantry, grabs the Swiffer and “mops” the house. She’s no professional mind you, mom still has to come back through and get the corners… but it is so darn cute!

I am not a hoarder… But you know that show Clean Sweep? They would have a field day with me, and I would be in tears… But seriously, I would LOVE someone to come into this house and find a REAL solution for my stuff — a solution that didn’t involve the trash can as that’s not an option.

Until someone makes my magic vacuum, it will be another weekend of me picking up my piles before I can even think about getting out the vacuum and tackling the floors. Which reminds me, I need to go take down K’s tent while she is at school so I can vacuum her room! Let the cleaning process begin.

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