Our Rapunzel Gets a Hair Cut

Our little K has beautiful long, thick, blonde locks like her mama had as a girl, and everywhere we go people comment on her beautiful hair. (I am not just biased, although I admit to be so, she really has lovely hair.) But lately, it has been looking more and more unruly, so I have been debating cutting it. She’s had a her “first haircut,” on her second birthday she got a tiny trim (like 1/2 inch) at the Magic Kingdom, so we I survived that first cut. But really cutting it, that was a hard decision. Why the decision was so difficult I do not know, it’s just hair… but it’s my girl’s hair. (Picture below was 12/27.)

So after weeks of debate, I decided it needed to be done. But taking her to get it done seemed like a waste. I just wanted a couple inches off the bottom, straight across the back. Surely, I am capable of doing that myself. So, I announced at Christmas dinner that I would be cutting it. That would be my motivation to go though with it, telling people I was doing it. My mother’s reaction was one of stern warning… as only a mother can give. She warned me about cutting too short while trying to cut it straight, but I was unscathed. I can do it.

So tonight after her bath, I took a deep breath, gathered my tools and chop chop. Perfectly straight, well straight enough and roughly 4 inches shorter, I cut my daughters hair. Of course immediately I realized I didn’t take a before picture, doh. And shortly after that I remembered that I wanted to take a profile pic with her long hair for a silhouette that I am having made, shoot! But the deed is done, and my girl has a new ‘do for the new year.

We’ll see how it looks when it is dry… but for now here’s the wet look.

7 thoughts on “Our Rapunzel Gets a Hair Cut”

  1. Wow! Looks good mom. I have to admit, I was so worried about my son’s first haircut (even though it was also at Harmony Barber Shop inside the Magic Kingdom). I didn’t sleep the night before. The barber did a wonderful job and now that is the only place I’ll take him. BUT, I have been tempted to chop it myself! LOL! You did great!

  2. I did notice on your Christmas morning pictures that Kendal had her brushed and styled for the pictures…julianne’s pictures look like she stuck it in a socket. I cut eric’s all the time but I think it is time for the clippers and I don’t allow myself to use those.

  3. You are a brave woman! Violet’s hair is just a tiny bit longer than K’s new hair, and I don’t think I will ever be able to bring myself to cut it! Maybe in a year, when she’s 3 or so.

  4. I just did this with my daughter. I looked at a tutorial on youtube lol! I did exactly what you did, evened it out and just trimmed a bit. It looks a ton better


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