Sealed By Santa

After the kiddos write their letter to Santa, wouldn’t it be great if Santa wrote them back and mailed the letter from the North Pole? That’s just what they will get when Santa’s special helpers (aka mom & dad) visit Sealed by Santa to tell Santa a little more about what their little one has been up to this year.

Choose from 12 personalized letters from Santa that congratulate your little one on their best behavior. Letters come with authentic crisp edges on old parchment paper and Santa’s wax seal on the back of every letter – more proof that it is from the big guy himself. Plus these special letters come with Magical Reindeer Food to put out on Christmas Eve.

For even more Christmas magic, Sealed By Santa offers Nice List Certificates, Santa Packs, an Evidence Kit, Santa Postcard and (my fav) Santa’s Magical Key. How does Santa visit the homes of kids who don’t have chimney? With Santa’s Magical Key all your little one has to do is put the key by the front door for Santa to use to get into the house! The children don’t have to worry about anybody else getting into the house with this key because it is magical and it only works for Santa Claus! Speaking from a  mom with no chimney – genius!

Help the magic of Santa come alive in your house with a little help from Sealed by Santa. Plus use the coupon code SUBURBANSANTA to receive 20% off your entire order. As a specail bonus, for every order that comes in using the promotion code SUBURBANSANTA, Sealed by Santa will donate $2 to the March of Dimes spreading even more Santa magic.

Review and giveaway November 19 – December 1. Cost $10.95 per letter (less 20% and $2 goes to March of Dimes).

4 thoughts on “Sealed By Santa”

  1. This company was a huge disappointment for me and my niece. I purchased this letter for her for Christmas for her being such a great kid and big sister. They had somehow fouled up my addresses for this Santa letter kit so I had contacted them regarding this matter. I wanted to give them a second chance. When emailing them regarding my issues, I received short and unapologetic responses by email by both Jen and Sarah. I was told they would re-mail the letter in Dec but my niece still to this day never received this awaited letter from Santa (01/14/16). They definitely stole my 7 year old niece the idea of Santa rewarding good children. I will make sure to steer everyone I know away from your company. Very Unprofessional.

    • Sorry to hear this. I had a bad experience too this year.

      I spent a long time customizing my two girls’ letters. Since I was customizing them I didn’t really bother to fill out the blanks very well. My girls have been without their Daddy for a year and a half now, with only monthly visits, as he has had to take a job almost a state away, so it was very important to include mention of this and their special wish (for us to all be able to be together again soon). Well their letters came today…with no customization at all and only the abbreviated answers in the blanks so they barely even make sense. I made sure the box to customize the letters were checked and the “review your order page” had the customization text quoted for both letters. 🙁 I wrote and let the service know what happened, but really the damage is all ready done. They haven’t responded to me yet, and they delete all negative comments from their Facebook page. Wish I’d seen the big fat “F” they have on the BBB site before I’d ordered. 🙁

  2. We just just and had a great experience. The little ones loved opening a letter from Santa and it was truly special and worth every penny to see their faces light up with the letter came. We were able to confirm everything was correct on the conformation we received and Santa was fast to send out his letter back to us, which was really appreciated. Little kids love getting mail and it was a treat to play along and make it a really big deal that they received a letter from Santa. We really had a great experience with Stamped by Santa.

  3. I ordered mine and didnt receive mine either. Yesterday I tried every method of contact only to be ignored or had my comments deleted from their Facebook. They blocked me from making any more comments and have not made any attempt to make things right.


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