AnyBook Reader

The AnyBook Reader is a reading enhancement and reinforcement tool. The flexible record-and-playback tool with 60 hours of recording time enables read-out-loud record and playback by parent and/or child, building experience, confidence and reading ability. By recording their own reading voice, the child can reinforce their own reading performance and the ability to record and playback any book or text tailors the reading and learning experience to the individual child. With ease you can “read” to your child whenever he or she desires. The AnyBook Reader uses a simple touch, record, playback process that allows you to record the words on any page of any book so you can read to your children or grandchildren even when you’re not there. The AnyBook Reader comes with a selection of AnyBook Reader stickers. Each sticker uses a unique code which allows you to associate different recordings with every page of your book. Don’t worry! These stickers use special glue that won’t damage your book so you can remove and re-use the stickers at any time. Select your favorite sticker designs to personalize your recordings.

Available on Amazon. Cost $59.99.

Review and giveaway coming in November.

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