Alight moms, I now give you official reason to “sort” all of your kids candy this weekend. Two candy companies have issued recalls this week for Halloween treats. (No chocolate is included in this recall, but you might want to taste test some of the good stuff, just in case :))

Nestle has recalled fun sized Raisnets, due to a possible peanut contamination. No big deal for most kids, but if you have a peanut allergy be careful. And if you purchased these to give out, save other moms the trouble and don’t pass them out. You can call to be fully reimbursed for you purchase, so don’t hand them out.

Mega Pop Lollipops are also being recalled for trace amounts of foreign particles. Not sure what this is all about, but no reason to hand these out either and take a risk. Call an get a refund for your Mega Pops too.

8 thoughts on “ATTN – Candy RECALL”

  1. I agree, the “trace amounts of foreign particles” is a bit odd. I’d prefer to know what foreign particles are suspected of being in there, or perhaps why the particles might be in there. Thanks for the heads up, especially on the Raisinets!

    • I am sure it could be anything, but the fact that they are willing to recall it makes it seem like something more than nothing… Something I read said traces of metal, but that wasn’t from the FDA so I don’t know


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