Shopping for KK

It has begun… My daughter is only 2 and just started preschool, in her first 4 weeks of school we’ve been hit up to buy a school shirt, school pictures and now a fundraiser! LOL! Since I have the power of TheSuburbanMom at my fingertips, I am here to share my daughter’s fundraising efforts with you, just in case you need anything 🙂

I have to say, fundraising has come a LONG way since I was kid, they actually have cute stuff and a little of everything for everyone. To temp you shopping, here are some of my favs:

How about a Toy Story 3 Sticker book for your little one to “collect” their stickers. (If this was Princesses, I would be all over it! LOL)

Check out this “Casserole and Fixins Tote,” what a cute what to tote your food to a party. $15.50

Check out this gift wrap, after the receiver opens their gift they can plant the paper. It is seeded paper, the paper will decompose and flowers will grow. LOVE it!

Look, they even have jewelry… this necklace is only $22.50

Alright, enough picks. If you have read this much, thanks for indulging me. 🙂 If you want to take a look for yourself at all the goodies (including wrapping paper, candies, magazines, cookie dough and more) visit If do decide to buy something… please use K’s school code HCPRESCHL so her school gets credit. Let me know if you have any questions.

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