Become The Next Robeez by stride rite Design Star

Alright moms with a flare for design, get ready because this promo is for you! Stride Rite wants to put you to the test and see your Robeez designs. The best designs, as judged by Stride Rite, will be placed on Facebook for fans to vote on the Grand Prize Winner. (Winner will win the entire Spring 2011 Robeez collection, 5 pairs of their winning design, bragging rights and a $500 American Express gift card!) So, get your social network ready!

To enter, you must be a fan of Stride Rite on Facebook. Here are the basic rules, for more details visit the Stride Rite Facebook page.

  • Step 1 – Between August 6 – September 3 design a pair of Robeez® by stride rite® Soft Sole shoes using our downloadable template below. You can design the shoes online or by hand.
  • Step 2 –  Upload your original design to Facebook or send in by mail. Make sure you read our full contest rules for submission instructions for both online and by mail.
  • Step 3 –  September 4 through 12, finalists will be chosen by stride rite. The finalist’s entries will then be posted to Facebook on September 13, 2010 and up for the fans to vote who will be the ‘Robeez by stride rite Design Star.’ The design with the most votes by 11:59 pm EST September 20, 2010 will win.

Good luck! If you enter, let me know so I can vote for you!

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  1. Hi! I designed a pair of Robeez for this contest. I’m so excited to see if I make it into the group of finalists!!! (Mine is called Space Robots… I think… anyway the shoes are light blue and green with robot and star motifs!) If you like them, I would reeeeeeally appreciate you voting for them. Thanks!!!


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