The Trash Picker Strikes Again

Yep, I did it again, and this time I got caught red-handed. It’s ok though because I was caught by a friend who would have done the same thing if she had seen it first. This morning there were 2 pink Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs out with the trash across the street. WHAT!?! Who throws this kind of thing away? Of course, I had to save these from the landfill, so I hopped in the golf cart pulled up, piled them in and took them home. While I was there, I also found two orange throw pillows!

Don’t get me wrong, these chairs have been loved. But the covers are washable, so with a little stain remover I plopped those suckers into the wash. EVERY mark came off! And since they were not monogrammed, they are perfect. Check out the before and after pics of my find!

Bonus pillows

Here’s to being green and reusing!!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Trash Picker Strikes Again”

    • I know right!!! I originally thought I would just buy new covers, but I am telling you these are perfect. Might look better with an iron… but this is fresh out of the wash and who irons?!?! LOL


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