Make a Family Book for Your Kids + Coupon for free Photobooks

My daughter loves pictures, especially pictures of herself and people she knows. She comes by it honestly, her Mimi is a amateur photographer, her Pop-Pop is a professional and I take like a zillion pictures of her! Her favorite books to “read” are her our family photobooks, but I want to keep them nice so I only let her read them with supervision. What she really wants is her own book, so I set out to make her one. She LOVES it! She even carried it out to dinner last night. It was so easy, I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. If your kids like looking at pictures as much as mine does, here’s how to make your own book.

To make my book, I took advantage of a free book offer from CVS. The book came with 10 pages. One each page, I placed 1 picture of family members and their names, and on the final page I put pictures of her best friends.

Now she has a book that she can do anything she wants to with, and it will help teach her to recognize the written names on the page. (Plus she doesn’t get to see some of the outta state family often enough so this helps reminder of all of her family.)

Little photobooks like this also make great gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles or friends.

Right now you can make a family book for your kid(s) for free through Arts Cow, just pay shipping.  In fact, you can actually make 10 books for free!! Holy cow! LOL. I have taken advantage of a few great deals with Arts Cow in the past and always been happy with the quality. So go ahead, make one for each kid and each grandparent. To get your free books, you will need to enter the code 10FREEBOOKS. That will give you five 9×7 books and five 7×5 books – a total of 10 free books. Hurry, the free books are only good for 14 days.

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  1. I also recently used arts cow for the first time and was really happy with my purchase. When it came from China though – it finally hit me how they afford to print for sooo cheap!


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