Important Disney Movie Reward Info

Several people had trouble with the Disney Movie Rewards codes posted on Tuesday, some people (including myself) actually had their accounts blocked. Apparently what happened was that when Disney Movie Rewards updated its new site, a number of old codes became active again. When they realized the mistake the codes began giving the message not “live yet.” If you continued to attempt to enter codes, your account was blocked.

First let me say I am sorry for any hassle this has caused. Second this can be fixed. In order to reactivate your account, please call Disney Movie Rewards at 1-866-246-8646; they are open Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. CMT. Just tell the rep you were entering codes and need to be unblocked. (If you don’t call, I don’t know how long your account will remain blocked.) Press “0” for additional help. (If you press 3 – having trouble logging in – it just gives you a recording of generic info on how to login.)

Once you are reactivated (in about 24 hours), all of your codes should be there. Again, I apologize for the trouble, I had no idea these were bad codes or would cause a problem for anyone.

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