Save Money & the Planet at Target – Use Reusable Bags!

I converted to carrying reusable bags about a year ago. I started slowly at first because I thought it would be a pain, but suddenly once I was doing it I was all in! Today, I have a whole arsenal of reusable bags – ones for the grocery store, ones for the mall, mini ones that fold up to keep in my bag, ones to keep in my car in case I forget all of the others. My mom even started using reusable bags in place of gift bags and an Easter basket!

Once I started, I realized how easy it is and how much of a difference I make. (We used to go through a LOT of bags!) Thankfully, everyone is getting on this bandwagon! And stores are starting to recognize the savings to both the environment and their own bottom line and passing along a savings to customers who use reusable bags.

Starting November 1, Target is launching a campaign that will allow customers to save $0.05 for each reusable bag they use at each shopping trip! I know $0.05 per bag isn’t a fortune, but it is something. And I hope that this nickel will push more people over the edge to try using reusable bags. Together, we can all save nickels and bags from the landfill!

From Target’s Customer Support – You will receive five cents off your total purchase for each use of an approved re-usable bag. You can get the discount for using Target reusable bags previously purchased or purchased during the transaction, as well as other reusable bags that aren’t bought at Target. You won’t get the discount for not using a bag at all or for reusing a plastic or paper bag. It’s best to inform our team member of your bags before items are scanned, so that they can apply the discount anytime during the transaction. In the meantime, this offer is valid through March 2010 only.

Oh and while you are doing good and saving a nickel – carry a cute bag, maybe one that is even made out of recycled water bottles so you can save even more trash from the landfill.

Good work Target!

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