Eco-Friendly, 100% Biodegradable Nail Polish Remover

Like most moms, I am always looking for a way to make my home a safer, greener place for my family. So, when I saw a product review in a parenting magazine (I can’t remember which one) for a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly nail polish remover, I was eager to check it out!

I Googled the polish remover and found a company that “relies on the intrinsic healthy properties of natural ingredients like Baking Soda, Green Tea, Peppermint and Milk.” Ahhh natural spa products…

Unfortunately for me, Bodipure caters to spas and only has wholesale purchasing options for its products. Since I REALLY wanted to try the polish remover, I emailed the company to find out where I could buy the polish. I learned that they do not currently offer direct retail sales and there didn’t seem to be a spa near me that carries the product (at least not yet). But they were nice enough to offer to mail me free samples to try!

Here is what the Bodipure site says about the remover: “New patented 100% biodegradable formula. Contains no acetone or ethyl acetate. No toxic odor. Presents no fire or environmental hazard. Non-toxic soy formula is safe for consumers and environment. The soy formula conditions nails, cuticles, and skin on contact.”

The day the samples arrived, I really needed to take off chipping toe nail polish, so I was psyched to give the remover a try.

First test, the sniff test! I hate the smell of nail polish remover (don’t we all). According to Bodipure, the polish remover, WilaVerde has “no toxic odor,” and I have to admit it had a MUCH lighter scent than polish remover I am used to. Of course, it isn’t odor free (I wish) and didn’t smell like roses or anything… but it wasn’t knock-out fumes! Test 1, check.

Second test, removal. If this patented formula is safer for the environment, can it really remove polish? I was wearing a dark pink polish, so I was ready to put it to the test. According to the instructions, you are supposed to “gently press and hold cotton on the nail for a few seconds, and then start to rub the polish away when cotton ball begins sticking to the nail. To hasten removal time, pre-soak all nails at the start of removal.” Easy enough… cha-ching! My polish seemed to melt off my toes. EVERY last bit came off without scrubbing at my toes. Test 2, check.

The next test, feel. One of the things I dislike about painting my nails is how drying removers are to my nails. I was intrigued by the last step in the directions that suggested spas wipe nails down with an astringent after removal, and once my polish was removed I realized why. Instead of dry, my nails felt oily with this soy-based remover. Since I didn’t have astringent handy, I used soap and water, which worked for me. No longer oily, the nails didn’t feel dry either. Test 3, check.

Normally, when I am done removing my polish I toss the cotton balls away in the kitchen, where other smells in the trash mask the odor, because I don’t like the remover stinking up my bathroom. Today, I tossed the cotton balls in the bathroom trashcan. When I first came back to the bathroom about 30 minutes later, I almost regretted my decision. The little toilet room (little room with toilet and trashcan in our bathroom), was a little stinky… booo… But I was patient and left the cotton balls in the trash. When I came back a couple hours later – NO SMELL!!! Ahhhhh…

Over all, I am a big fan. Better for the environment, not so stinky and works like a charm. I only wish I could tell you where to buy it so you could try it right now! For now, tell your local sap about it and maybe you can get them to carry it.


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  1. The best nail polish remover ever…got it at Walmart a year ago, that is how long it lasted. Great thing Eco friendly especially for people who has health problems. Thank You, Gracias.Many blessings.


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