Rubbermaid TakeAlongs & Blue Ice Fun Shape

I am having a lucky couple of weeks! Yesterday, as I mentioned, I won a $25 gift card to Starbucks and today my prize from Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves Rubbermaid Giveaway arrived. I have also been hired for BOTH freelance jobs I applied for recently – more to come about those! It is so much fun to be lucky!

I am so excited to recieveĀ a new set of Rubbermaid containers since I recently cleaned out my cabinets and got rid of all of the bottoms with no lids and lids with no bottoms! I love these reusable plastic containers that are also cheap enough to be “tossable.” Since discovering this alternative years ago, I haven’t purchased any traditional plastic containers – just these tossable ones. I know along the way parts get lost, broken, stained, left behind, etc. so the “tossable” ones are a dream come true. Of course, they are 100% recyclable so I “toss” them into the recycle bin!

Even though the main product in the giveaway is the new TakeAlongs, I am most excited about the Blue Ice Fun Shape! As you can see, we received an adorableĀ frog shape. What a fun change to the bulky, ice block things I have used in the past! Plus they are much smaller and more convenient! I have a friend who likes to purchase personalized lunchboxes as birthday gifts, wouldn’t it be cute for her to throw one of these in too?!?!

Even my 18-month-old daughter was excited by the frog. Although she kept pushing on the little circle on the back… I think she wanted it to “do” something!

Plus – the folks at Rubbermaid even threw in a Sharpie marker to pack little notes in the lunches. How nice, who can’t use another Sharpie!!! (They must have known what a Sharpie fan I am!)

Thanks to Sarah over at Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves and Rubbermaid for the opportunity to win a fun prize that my family is sure to use!

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